Bitcoin Price Thread



Price hit exactly $4198 on Binance just like in December. Hmmm…


Don’t have to go full bear mode, it’ll happen naturally if btc mining keeps getting bad. Mining subsidies keep disappearing and its getting harder to be profitable. Miners have btc, bch and bchsv to pick from. If mining keeps getting tough, 1k and below btc could happen within the next 2 years

For me the question isn’t if btc will go lower, its about which one is the real btc and will survive a hash war. I have my own opinion this :joy:


Got fuck all to do with miners, it’s all about the price the people with deep deep pockets want




So miners don’t have deep pockets? They’re probably the ones shorting the market and that caused the tumble from 5.7k

What btc has is the network effect, but would happen if 60-70% of miners jumped ship to another coin? The time to process transactions and the cost would be insane


Miners don’t move the market man. There are people with a lot more money than miners


I am focusing on where the monthly closes this coming week. Will it kill off the 55 EMA or close above?
:chart_with_downwards_trend: :boom: :gun:

For the daily chart there was about to be a EMA golden cross of the 21 / 55 had BTC closed above $4K.This cross has given more upside on BTC rallies in this bear market but it looks like someone didn’t want that to happen. This is enough significance for me to not want to take long positions :no_good_man:t2:

BTC closes a daily candle back above $4K then I will consider :ox:.


If there are no miners, btc will not scale and people will stop using it. If crypto ever gets used by merchants, they’ll go with whichever has the most professional mining pools that can process quickly

The exchanges are providing fake liquidity but its just recirculating money and not adding more. Last time i checked, btc is still in a downward spiral. A couple fake pumps, people add 10% because of fomoing in, and then dumping, repeating until the next leg down


But there will be miners so I don’t get your point,

Believe it or not man perma bears get rekt just as much as perma bulls man. Be careful


Yes there will be miners, but miners switch to mining different coins all the time if there is something more profitable. But if its more profitible to mine something other than btc, then they don’t return and you’ll get a flippening



C’mon @Clarky663, the invitation is sent!



I suspended him. He may want to come back later.


Rik the type of guy to ask to get his account deleted and come back screaming censorship.


Be entertained!


Sorry bulls, we going to $1,550 in 2 months, like it or not. :beetconnect: :man_shrugging:t2:

Brace for impact!


If you’re so sure why don’t you open a short?


Because I’ll buy after touchdown is confirmed.

Have you longed already?


I keep buying the dips and it keeps dipping!

But more specifically, I bought a few BTC at 3280’ish and ICX at .19. I’ll for sure buy more if it goes below that.