Bitcoin Price Thread



it will, keep the cash on hand.


If you want a positive and honest moon prediction from me, based on previous extensions the next bull cycle COULD take BTC to 250k~


Perfect. I like balanced perspectives! Interpreting the fractals myself…are you looking for a peak in 2022?


yes, previous peak to peak took almost 1,500 days so I’d say it will take a bit longer.


Anyone who is thinking long term and has spare fiat should be loving this possibility.

I personally ladder in, so this sounds amazing.


yes it is a solid posibility! And before @Clarky663 starts jumping on my manhood, @Jacko1988 acuses me for being negative and @Cody_h4x having more wet dreams with me in the tractor on the corn field, I always back up what I say with some sort of evidence and/or facts, take what I say as a 2nd opinion to consider, I’m not attacking anyone :man_shrugging:t2: :joy:


Yeah, there’s numerous people I respect who have a similar view point as to where and why price could go to those levels, it’s nothing new tbh. The reason I think you are frustrating is (in general) you won’t allow someone to post something bullish even on an intraday basis without referring them back to your longer term prediction.
I have an opinion as do you, we can disagree and have a bit banter around our differences.thats part of the
Must say though, I can’t remember the last time I told anyone with any certainty that my TA was solid enough for them to class it as a second opinion . But good luck with that.
Not being a prick and don’t want to hurt your feelings, but I still can’t see the sense in you being so convinced it’s going to that price and not placing some kind of short. Your TA is decent so why not have a bit courage in your conviction and make money out of the market in both directions?


As is, i don’t think btc will scale to support those prices. 1k and below, then flippening begins


Why are you against BTC? I appreciate we have views and that sometimes they inevitably clash, but have you ever even considered a bullish outcome for btc?


I would scale in around 5% of my capital at those levels for a long term hold as there is potentially large opportunity cost associated with investing a significant percent of one’s capital into that point in a market cycle and waiting. I do agree BTC has the potential to hit 6 figures during the next bull cycle but timing is everything and other opportunities exist for potentially better ROI while the crypto market puts the bear in the rearview mirror.


As is, btc doesn’t scale and it will be easier for miners to make money on something else. I see that as a systemic problem and bullish outcomes are only in short time frames

I think most of crypto expects some price hike at the halving. If the systemic problems arn’t fixed by then, i think btc will have already signed its death note due to economic factors at play relating to miners. I know there will be still attempts to talk up btc between now and then, but that doesn’t solve the problem

Thats not to say im not bullish on other crypto though


Curious @leetorres what other crypto are you bullish on? I would imagine it’s projects that you think have a better chance of solving the scaling issue? Or maybe projects that don’t involve POW?


i’m guessing one of craig wrights or roger vers shitcoin


That was my initial thought. Still curious to hear his thoughts.


Possible bull flag??? :rofl:


It can be a tooth fairy if you want to look it that way :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


show me ??? Thats full bull mode if its there… :rofl:


XRP Bye bye :lightsaber1: :shushing_face:


:man_shrugging:t2: :beetconnect: