Bitcoin Price Thread



Something very interesting. GBTC is below the 200sma on the weekly. Rejected that price range the week before. Very bearish!

GBTC is normally a good indicator. It broke up out of its consolidation, bitcoin shortly followed. So one to keep an eye on


I have a sell at 3900 area if anyone is wondering my positions. NIce gap on CME to go test. Looks like we are in bart territory, If not then ill look at a sell if we break 3750


where is the best place to store icx? binance or ledger(icon x)?


Ledger using icon x wallett


not sure whether to use my old chrome app ledger or convert to this ledger live?? thoughts?


I don’t think ledger live supports icon.


Wanting to add to my short at $3930. Really interested in the monthly close :popcorn:


+1 on ledger with icon wallet. Super easy. I forgot that Ledger Live doesn’t integrate and thought I lost my coins!


Has BTC really bottomed out? :man_shrugging:t2:


BTC Shorts down 5% in the last 4hours move before the weekend :thinking:
LTC taking a break and sitting on the 200 day MA will it hold?


So many mixed signals right now for the short term.


It’s Crazy buddy i feel some are trying to break away from BTC grip, really like the look of BNB though right now.

You still in your short mate?
or in any positions trading wise?


Innit mate, no one is wanting to do anything right now


Yeah still in, moved my stop to profit. I want a medium term position to hold through new lows so I will look to re-enter higher if I get stopped out.


Nice bearish engulfing dildo on the 4hr though let’s see if we have follow through


Monthly close tonight. I would love to see a battle play out. :popcorn:


Make that 7% down on shorts now something is brewing :umbrella:


Give or take - Jan 2020 bull run starts :bullish: :man_shrugging:t2: :crystal_ball:

:popcorn: :tractor: :corn::corn::corn::corn:


Sort of where I expect too. Golden cross on daily chart coming in end of 2019 / early 2020.

How is March looking? :crystal_ball: My capitulation estimate was mid-March.


acording to the graph above, March could be sideways mostly :man_shrugging:t2: real fun begins after that :crystal_ball: