Bitcoin Price Thread



Ok folks, we are now officially in the golden month of March. You know what that means, it’s time to cast your votes for “when $80k BTC”.

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  • Prior to Mid-March
  • After Mid-March but before End
  • End of March
  • Bitcoin-Fund-Manager will Exit Scam before Month-End

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Something just upset the hornets nest. Had a dip from 3830 to 3790 and now back duking it out around 3825 on CBPro. Is something about to break?


Zoom out. That was a 1% move. Not even noticeable on the medium and higher time frames.


ltc has been a play of mine since 3rd Feb looking good for a 1 wave just need the 5th :lightsaber1:


I wouldn’t be surprised if it is uncovered very soon that a lot of exchanges are either reporting fake trading volume or a doing a massive amount of high frequency wash trading. It’s not just on bitcoin but a lot of leading coins are approaching volume levels that are close to the parabolic rise seen at the end of 2017. A $130B market is trading consistently ~$25B per day? :ox: :poop:


I’m still in cash waiting and hoping to see Bitcoin at least dip to 2k. It’s gonna suck for me if Bitcoin moons back to 20k. :confounded:


BTC will have to break past $6k before it moons to $20k. If it doesn’t make it back down to $2k, then you might want to make an entry at $6k.


SO good to finally get a move!


Look how CME got price action so much better. You don’t get the weekend bullshit so the bull trap is so much clearer!
Got above the trend line, no follow through and no volume


Glad this weekend was flat on spot so there’s no gaps to fill.

:roger: the gaps.




is he eating the D? :sweat_smile:






The internet is still undefeated.


Would like to see a strong reaction to retesting the down trend resistance breakout for more upside. So far looking weak. My opinion is major downside coming in March if BTC gets back into the triangle (running out of room).



Agreed. This price action isn’t making any sense to me whatsoever.


Now I feel strange when someone agrees with me :thinking:

lol :rofl: