Bitcoin Price Thread



Fobonacci stairs you say? or Web ? :spider_web:


CT Getting greedy after a small pump :confused:


Meanwhile, while we wait on Bitcoin to do something spectacular, Binance Coin (BNB) is absolutely exploding at the moment. I first bought a significant chunk recently at around $7.60 and then re-upped position at $9.40ish. This thing’s going nuts in last couple weeks and now up to $14.73.

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Personally, I’m of the opinion that when Binance starts moving hard in one direction or another, it’s a strong relative strength indicator of the crypto market as a whole since Binance is dominating the exchanges’ volume in crypto-space and their BNB price is highly correlated to amount of daily trading volume on the exchange.




Has anyone else noticed USDT volume? :fearful:


No man what’s happening


no idea, just very high on CMC, washed volume? dunno :man_shrugging:t2:


Yeah I’m not the keen on CMC haha


WTF CMEs lol


Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash vs. Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision is a distraction. The real bitcoin is Bitcoin CME Futures since a lot of spot traders follow what futures are doing.


Over to jeff live at CME tech dept, maplewood.


CMEs are the real satoshis vision! Hahah


Drew this diagonal trend line from previous high $4200 yesterday as BTC began slapping it with hourly :eggplant:'s. Broke out and tested as support. If BTC is going higher it’ll happen soon.


I was banging on about Binance at $5, i loaded up and now iv’e just got out for a 200% gain. Just saying boys!!!

Not just saying it now because of the above, but i’m really bullish on Binance longterm if it avoids some kind of black swan event. Zhao their CEO is the kind of guy you want running the binance operation, a visionary, committed and hardworking.

Keep it up Zhao and the team!


Me looking at the BTC chart atm


Just sayin’ ! :man_shrugging:t2:


Soooooo your saying get ready to buy cheap btc and icx. :crossed_fingers:


Most likely, yes :teddy_bear:


Longing the 4hr RSI oversold bounce on spot. The real bitcoin closed trading at $3865. @MaxP we might have another gap to fill buddy. :rollsafe:


Dump happens right on CME close! I had a short at 3895 once we hit the top on the rising Chanel. Was only looking for a scalp hahaha