Bitcoin Price Thread



Easy $BTC gains :dicaprio1: . Hope we see continuation down to 3650 area over the weekend and I’ll close short and take a long from there.


I tend to stay out on Saturdays and try take a day off, too much Saturday bullshit haha


That’s why I use limit orders. I can’t manage my emotions buying and selling at market.



Was saying to someone earlier, can’t wait til the bear market is over and we start seeing 1k moves up in a day haha


NVT creeping up


That ICX @ 0.1 may happen after all. :slight_smile:


yeah, still hopeful we’ll get some that cheap.
could be a bit of a wait though if this adam and eve plays out.

also still bullish on the daily ichimoku, not an expert by any means but a well respected ichi trader (not a crypto trader.) David Linton has said its a good sign of continuation if the chikou (blue ma) breaks above the kumo and holds there for over 3 days. TK cross would be added confirmation (red ma crossing green ma)


Shorts rallying out of the bottom zone. The last bounces out of this zone was November 14 and August 4/5. What happened to BTC price after those days? Will this time be different?


With this last rally up, I’d think anything on the 0.1x range is a good deal :man_shrugging:t2:


Compare your graph to this, looks like we might head towards low 2000s region for bottom :man_shrugging::man_shrugging: but who knows.



I think you’re right…I’m happy with my 18 cent purchase.


I’m going to make even more money shorting Boeing stock. The 737 max might get grounded after this latest unfortunate crash.


I read about that. Isn’t that kind of thing priced in already once the news is out?


Tbh, it probably is to a certain extent, but I think the news is going to get much worse if they put an airworthiness directive out and ground the whole fleet (not just China Air voluntary taking them out of service). Airbus stock should move in the opposite direction.


Hope you guys have FIAT set apart and ready for the next weeks because once the RSI breaks the ascending support … better have your pants tight !


Me ready. :crazy_face:


I’m wearing brown pants all week, just in case the market decides to take a dump.


Total market cap on weekly chart.


Those green volume bars in the last few weeks look bullish. More volume now than the last massive run up in December 2017.