Bitcoin Price Thread




reading that back and me being a dick 90% of the time, you prob thought i was being smart there, but i was being serious :joy: get they fibs to fuck.


Hmm I wonder if there is more to these wicks, maybe sellers trying to wear out 3750 so it can be taken out with ease. If we get above that order block I’ll be looking for the mid 4ks



lol c’mon I’m lazy to delete 4 fibs on different time frames for their accuracy, take a SS and put them back again


If we break 3750 I’m a seller anything above that blue box I’m buying.

Few scalps in between but that’s even proven difficult



Good lord, that’s one epic doji on the 1 hr.


get the shorts loaded up hahah


Yeah boi





Think BTC dominance will dip below 50 percent this weekend?


Litecoin looks super bullish



Short sale structure, going down



The only thing I would point you towards is the lack of a massive great big red pillar in the 2018/2019 cycle as compared to the 2014/15 cycle. It isn’t there yet.

Could be wrong as everyone can be.



If I were to pick a side I too would say the bottom is not in. My main reasoning is lack of buying off the lows (2X touch and grind the 200 week sma). This market is driven by bots/algos/exchanges/miners and they will only force the capitulation if that will cause the max emotional pain to the majority of the market. The max pain for traders in this market right now is exactly what is happening -> bulls expecting $5000, bears expecting sub $3000 but in reality it is boring sideways chop.




The idea is there, but need to lower the support line more IMO.


Short the ponzi on the 20 week SMA :man_shrugging: