Bitcoin Price Thread



Ya, totally , it’s not an either or


Let’s say some nerd saves a bunch of amazon tokens, he should be able to literally atomic swap that for damn near anything he wants


Does current tax rule apply to atomic coin swap?
If so, such rule needs to be removed.


I think FLUZcoin is going after something like this. It’s being pitched as a stable-coin for mass adoption, to be customized/specified for retail businesses. They have a war chest of Employees from lots of major retailers (Nike, etc). They are still in preICO status.


Even if they fail we need people like them to attack this problem and remove all the stupidity out of gift cards and loyalty programs and replace it with consumer centric protocols



As long as Amazon Coin is on the Komodo network… I dont give a fuck…
Blatent shill… :joy:


Don’t the store pay VAT? Or do they deduct VAT from price when you buy with crypto and then you have to pay the VAT yourself?

That seems pretty stupid


Tis but a scratch…TIS BUT A SCRATCH! The market may be low at the moment, but this is the way I see it. If you cost average then this is the time to accumulate MORE! If people are willing to buy at the all time high then why is it crazy to buy when it’s low? Buy that shit up folks!!! I can’t answer for the people going for the quick profits day or swing trading. It’s hard to compete against high volume trading bots.


High volume trading bots are mainly an issue for over leveraged traders, traders with tight stops, and people tryng to scalp that don’t rely on the order flow books

Otherwise they’re useful because they add volatility, most of the rallies and dumps these days are bart formations eg high frequency trading bots


How the hell has this not broke trend… top chart or bottom… :thinking:


They do, however since my country dont consider btc as money it means you are trading your btc for the thing you are purchasing (not buying) btc counts as a security… (Sweden) :frowning:


Here is a look at the weekly chart. We need to break on the upside to start a new bull. I give it a 20% chance. 80% chance it will break down through 6k into high 4k.


For those who follow the stock market. This is QQQ (nasdaq) 10 year chart. This looks very over extended to me. Are we about to crash?

Looks like the stochastic is heading down and the macd is about to follow.


6200 puts it into breakout…you really sure thats 80% against…???

4k…wow…seriously…off that chart??

Deutsche Bank…odds on Brexit forces a derivitive capitulation…30 trillion will spunk into crypto as the globalists realise printed dollars are worth fuck all thanks to Nixon in 71…


Wonderland slowly ran out of money over a 100 year period. But the debt grew much faster when in 1971 the king, (aka Nixon), decided to replace gold with paper money. Until then all money issued was backed by gold. But the king and queen and their banker friends loved the new era when they were no longer fettered by the discipline of running a balanced budget and could instead just print pieces of paper that they called money. This was a great period for the king and queen and their close friends. Since they got the money first, whilst it still had value, they could buy what they wanted. Once it reached ordinary people, the paper money was already debased and worth a lot less. And the taxes of the people had to increase from virtually nothing 100 years ago to 50% or more if all taxes were included. This was necessary to finance the deficit spending and service the debt.

The king and queen rewarded their banker friends generously for this ingenious invention. Rather than using expensive gold as money, they could just print whatever they wanted at zero cost. They never understood of course, that if you print money at zero cost, it has zero value.


In the end there weren’t even enough tax revenues to pay the interest on the nation’s borrowings. To solve this, the bankers had another ingenious idea, namely to issue debt and make the people pay the state interest on the debt they issued. What a clever idea by the bankers thought the king and queen. That means we can really issue limitless debt so that we and our rich friends get much richer and the people just get more indebted. But ordinary subjects will of course not understand the consequences.

This was the most genius invention by the bankers. The more money, the nation borrowed, the more interest the state received. No one had ever thought about this before to issue debt and rather than pay interest on the debt to receive interest. This meant that the state could borrow unlimited amounts of money and the more they borrowed, the bigger the income.

These two inventions were totally revolutionary in the history of finance. First to print money at no cost and then to issue debt and be paid for that pleasure.


Just my guess. I could be totally off.


Some people argue that print money to cause inflation is necessary for economy to continue to grow.
Inflation will devalue the currency so the working class has to continue to work. It is bad for the working class but good for the economy? People have to work (farming, building houses, write code or produce robots, etc) to make the world a better place. Or it is not true? :slight_smile:


I’ve been sitting here watching the price action on BTC for about 45 minutes. So far lots of red. :chart_with_downwards_trend: It will be interesting to see where we end up tomorrow.


yo yo yo where the Doc Doom and poodle boy thread gone ???

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Peter closed it early because its close to 10k

This thread is ok, but its a shadow of the previous one. That btc lower thread, it was a training ground for the next bear market if we go into another bubble. That knowledge is more than worth its weight in gold. The early whale adopters know how to play the bubble burst and bubble run up, they’ve been practicing for years