Bitcoin Price Thread



restart that shit doc :call_me_hand:

i agree it was a great thread and lots of knowledge on there

Your thoughts on next direction @leetorres ???


I’m thinking 4k is on the table once 5.7k breaks. Lots of people don’t think its possible, but i’m sure the whales are lining up


i reckon 5.7k next week 90% now but 4k a little too low for me but we shall see


Could be a relief rally somewhere, but 4k down is where i ease up shorting and i start to consider laddering in. And pick up other coins i think will survive and crush it on the next runup


I’m over in forex for the last 2 weeks just treating it as savings account for crypto when the down trend ends. I have continued my DCA week on week now and my averages are all down but when this suck fest ends it will be time to load up :alien:


@leetorres when is the G20 mate?

I can’t wait I think once regulations are released we will start the bull market very soon after that. Sentiment is that people are waiting on the sidelines for guidance then they’ll enter


So long term you’re still pretty bullish? What do you see causing the next run?


I wouldn’t hold my breath for a rapid recovery after the G20. Crypto is probably just a sideline topic at G20, knowing our luck the G20 will not decide squat on crypto regulations and let us all to slowly bleed a while longer. Sorry, I’m just skeptical that arseholes that run countries will do anything good for crypto.

In the meantime accumulate bitcoin, it’ll be alright mate! ;p


That’s true but I’m hoping for something rather than nothing from the G20. I think it’ll be positive for the market. Even a confirmation that crypto isn’t the worse thing in the world will do the market some good.

You’re right tho it’s also a chance for them to accumulate that Bitcoin too


double bottom on ETH to pull us upwards?


I’m seeing July 19-20 in Buenos Aires, so the countdown is on


You mean like a countdown to lift off? T-Minus 21 days? :eyes:


Ya, i think crypto has a future, but it won’t look like what it is now. I’m very bearish short term, but if it can overcome problems with regulatory clarity, governance models (eg how are problems resolved because i don’t think decentralization, trustless systems will solve this. Eg look at the eth DAO hack as an example. Or what are the rights of investors, because they have very little protection at the moment), and apps are available with real world use, and many other things, i’ll be very bullish. Probably more bullish than a lot of people because my critical qualms with be resolved


In my book no, countdown into a descent. Liftoff will be later. I’m running on a different timeline


You’ve carved out your own timeline mate.

Tone Vays says he’s expecting the dip to 4975 around first week to mid July which he believes is the bottom. This would coincide well with the G20 bull run no?


Tone is welcome to his predictions, but i don’t agree with all of them. Neither do many seasoned traders. He called for btc to keep going up at 11.5k, i went into fiat and it tanked

Not saying that he doesn’t know what he’s doing, but there are a lot of technical indicators pointing that this can go lower and multi year bear


I thought you followed him like a disciple?

Well no offence but I’d rather him be right than you :sweat_smile:


Nope, i find him entertaining and he’s right sometimes, but not always. I think i’m way more bearish than him, as funny as that sounds


because you are a LARGE bear, he is a small bear. :smile:


He’s right most of the time unfortunately as it makes his ego Moons quicker than any Bull Run I’ve seen.

Yeah you’re like a Crypto Bear version of a nutcase that stands on street corners holding up a sign “The End is Neigh”