Bitcoin Price Thread



Tone did a TA kung fu debate with Ernie V, a volume trader with over 35 years of experience. From what i could see, Tone got owned

Well, it only appears that i’m nutty. There’s actually a very systematic methodology in place in terms of fundamental, geo political and technical analysis. I’m an engineer by profession so i’ve been hardwired now to be systematic


Just broke through support again and a bearish crossover on the 4 hour MACD. We are heading lower.


Excellent news as bitcoin was getting way to boring


I don’t think u will get ur bullrun in July mate it can’t be forced.


I’ll watch that later. He got owned a few times during his 6 hour stream.


Yeah excellent indeed… Quicker the bull run will come then



Yep Your right I know nothing as I make this shit up as I go along :joy:

When moon? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Don’t listen to tony vays the man is clueless. I watched him talk about mining and he is just as clueless as most of the people. He says he hodl but that bullshit :poop:


But you so though Sparky, you have nothing to back up any of your crazy claims. At least Torres knows his shit, you just follow along saying a similar thing.

Bring some meat to the table brother!


I like Tone, his Boston accent is funny


Lmao I have nothing to back my claims ?
People really do have short memories don’t they :thinking:

It was me that started the bitcoin lower thread , it was me said it was crashing , it was me that said $1300-5k bitcoin before tone vays as I didn’t know who the bell end was back then as I found out about him through Torres and lee computer .

You say they are crazy but look where we have found ourselves ? Crazy times indeed mate. My jan prediction is bang on cue and I’m in profit so it’s all good mate.

When moon ? :first_quarter_moon:


LOL, good couch mate :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, as long as it goes up and down, I’m still 3x-ing each month.

Stay Fishy


Come on Buddy ol Pal let’s not go this again. Its ground hog day with you.

I’ll Play!

Starting a thread is not anything special, we dipped and you went bear. Show me where you said 13k to 5k? I bet you knew who Tone was back then but then again whatever that doesn’t matter. Also, if you want to talk about Jan how about you saying you had 0.9btc and you bought icx at all time then sold at a huge loss? Before that you were asking people for advice. Since then you’ve become this bear wannabe and somehow put yourself on this pedal stall like you’re a psychic!

Next you’ll be reminding me how you messaged Peter about your concern at everyone’s FOMO! That didn’t happen either otherwise you could easily show the message making me look the fool. What happened was that you like most of us got caught up in that mad FOMO but you don’t see the majority of us turning into bear wannabes do you?


Ur bot is a miracle machine ur should patent it and sell it for royalty fees :money_mouth_face:


Wait till I get it all running in Azure, then I can offer it as a service and charge 1% of your monthly gains as fees. It would be a win-win for all involved, cause if you don’t gain, its free :slight_smile:

Stay Fishy


Have u asked peter personally yet? Go ask him :wink:


Oh whatever Sparky. You know I’m right and each time I remind you of what you had said before but you never admit it.

Im not trying to make you look stupid mate but you get under my skin like a Wart.

Sorry buddy but bear market or not I’m not gonna let you or other bears spread fud in this pub without a counter argument.


Need to update chart, however, the fib levels and failed trend support was indicative. $5,500 is highly likely


When moon? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

10 Years from now. :wink:

So I’mma sit and relax and grab muh btc little by little.