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Actually decided to dedicate my time to learning off real trading pros like Linda Bradford raschke,David weis and Gary Dayton. Instead of arguing with someone who supposedly trades only on gut and buys on fomo.
As I’ve stated before you asked a question when you started that thread out of the fear you had with your experience buying on fomo and you where looking for direction from people with more knawledge within the community.

Jan 16
Hello people do you think bitcoin will drop lower maybe $8000?
Not sure if to buy now or wait any sound advice would be grateful and I know people can’t predict the future . Thank you

I have no issues with this and considering your recent losses was probably a sensible question to ask for a noob.
To claim it was you who warned the whole community is slightly bonkers to tbh the first members to be brave enough to predict 5k 6k Btc after your question was actually @JasonMasterNET @GershrA And @Nekko. So thanks guys and respect for giving us charts and valid reasons back in jan to why you thought Btc would go so low.
Honestly sparky just stop regurgitating this bs point like we should be thankful for your greatness. Please try and actually add data or some sort of speculative reasoning based around TA at least.
Or go learn some shit or something.


Is there any need for this rhetoric guys?


Thanks for the call out but even mine was pretty far off. I wont forget Peter calling me overly pessimistic. We are all wrong know one knows where it si going to go we just look at the data and make as best of an educated guess as we can. I try to provide my perspective from the data that I see.

@unitedwestand17 - No I dont think there is any need for it. Sparky just likes to troll everyone trying to be contrarian with in the community but all that makes is him being the same as MSM.


Sorry bro, my bad for misinterpretation; trolls will troll, but we can only pray they will one day find happiness lol. If someone is trolling, report it.


This one is dedicated to all the salty hodlers


Sorry bro, and Hans predicted mayhem way back. Kudos to you.

But don’t kid yourself you love the salt :heart:


Big hodler myself ya know


Good to see same old shit…
Bitcoin capitulation for the Nth time this year …on fuck,fuck all volume… :thinking:


When flippening? :eth: :rocket:



Mate, Im actually back into ETH this week…buying below 440…
Ever the Bull on a double bottom… :joy:


Hell yeah. Vitalik gonna take us to the moon :vitalik:
Imagine Tone Vays reaction? He’s a funny dude when he talks about shitcoins :rofl:


I bet Doc is a signed up member to Bitcoinlive…
800 $ for early birds…was a fooking bargain… :thinking:
Thats your crypto legends… cant trade so sell youtube videos…
I was hoping to see Sparky doing a guest AMA on there… :rofl:
Give me Mike Fishy over those guys anytime of the week…




My take on old school TA is price is all over the place on manipulated shit volume…
Bottom momentum indicators are all still rising no matter how big the dump is… :thinking:
It has to break soon…If it just trickles out the patterns and goes nowhere that would be a proper laugh…
All TA is the same, its how you read it, volume well, ichi…fib…all tell you the same stuff,support and resistance levels.
I dont trade RSI so cant comment on that.
Basically until I get a break of momentum on the daily, im not a bear…
Its just good old tree shakes,the closer it gets in the patterns,the more shit will come from desperate bears to break it low…I would be sad if it wasnt happening… I am ready for any move any way,but have to give my TA a chance,its what I do…
I will be pissed at told you so bears who after 6 months of bollocks…might just get it right…once. :rofl:


Just bought some as well. I am probably going to dca all the way down, then back up. Not the cleverest move but the most consistent. I really believe BTC can change the world. I hope get enjoy it when it is time to exit.


Pay attention to the longer term moving averages. Consider the brief run to 20K as an anomaly. Should we be pumping back to a new ATH just because we pumped from 10K to 20K within like 1 week? Should bitcoin hit a new ATH this year? If bitcoin pumped to 20K so soon I would expect most of the market to cash out. People want out more than they want in right now or we wouldn’t be heading down.


I mentioned on one of the many thousands of differently named (but ultimately the same) threads on Bitcoin price.

There was a Podcast recently, which had the CEO of Vericoin, i think. He was writing a blog & was happy to go on record, that he totally believed Bitcoin would drop down to $3,300 over the coming months & wouldn’t start to see any significant rises until late on in 2019.

I’ll probably wait until there’s 5/6 more Bitcoin price threads, until I post a link to it though.


ETF is the Holy Grail! The smack on the Bulls back!

It will happen one day… hopefully sooner than later :pray:


Poking a little fun on btc ‘pundits’


So, are people still bullish and think that 2018 is going to be the best year in crypto?