Bitcoin Private - Pub Mining Pool


What’s up everyone!

I wanted to let everyone know that we are calling all miners! We are looking to get the pub’s bitcoin private pool off the ground and to the moon. March 16th at 12am! We don’t have an ending date because we are going to the moon.

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For those of you who may have questions about how to connect, what miner to use, or can I connect to the pool with my gaming rig, I’m here for you. Come join me on stream and I will give you guys the tools you need to connect!

The Bitcoin Pub Hashing Power!

Let’s do this! To the moon!


what can we mine? what are the fees?


What are we going to mine. I’ve been mining RVN


Mining Bitcoin Private. No fees currently


At the current price as listed on CMC btcp is not profitable to mine. I looked on coinpuffs first but didn’t find it.


I’m curious, what did you calculation the earnings to be? There is currently a lot of debate over it’s profitability. The block reward size is very small in comparison to other coins. However, with the small group of miners we has, we may see larger rewards per shares.


It took me 7.5 days for 1 coin in the pool I was mining for btcp. In that time I could have done at least $150 doing other coins. The numbers don’t work out. Btcp would have to be at least double the current price to be profitable on the 16th.


I’m still gathering the data on the profitability. I’ll inform everyone what the profitability is in the next few days. Trade Satoshi is the only source of data CMC is pulling from currently. Kucoin has the price about $50 more than Trade Satoshi.

#10 is now a verified mining pool with the bitcoin private org. :+1:


Yes sir it is! We had to submit a bunch of information to get on that list.


@nra4ever Can you provide the numbers behind that calculation? I’m curious what kind of hashing power you’ve got and what coin you’re mining that you are able to net $150/week.

My stats over the last week are below. Keep in mind that I’m mining on a pool with a total hash rate of about about 1.4MSol/s and I’m mining with the single 1070Ti in my gaming rig.

0.0207 btcp/day
$73USD/BTCP (TS price)
$123USD/BTCP (KuCoin price)

With those numbers I’m spending about $0.28/day on electricity. Net profit is $1.22/day in the worse case. Best case (going off KuCoin) I’m looking at $2.18/day net.

According to The most profitable coin for my situation would be Komodo right now returning $1.47/day.


7.5 days at $20 per day. The week I mined btcp what to mine showed I could have been making about $20 a day. Even last night when I last check my miner I was doing a little over $19 on zcash. I have 8 1080ti. Electricity is just under $100 a month for me and I don’t include that number in any of the calculations.


So, for giggles I did an estimate for you based on my returns, take it with a grain of salt but thought it might be interesting none-the-less. I’ll leave the electrical costs out of it since you said you didn’t factor that in (fair enough).

At 500Sol/s, I’m returning roughly $1.50/day on average. So, that’s about $0.003/Sol. From there you can extrapolate your earning using W2M. For 8x1080Ti, it conservatively estimates you’ll produce about 5480Sol/s. That means you’d do about $16.44/day. Definitely not $20/day like you saw but it’s not a far cry from what your most profitable coin on W2M right now is. Komodo will supposedly get you just under $19/day right now.

So, less profitable, sure. But it’s a far cry from zero profitability.


So is it best just to point Invidia GPUs at this?

My rigs are a mix so I don’t want to waste AMDs if they won’t hash well enough.


I check miner profitability every day. It does change on which coin to mine every day. I switch often to chase the $$$. I could be mining the wrong coin right now but nothing I can do about that until I get home. On the zec miner I do about 5.5 sol so that calculator is very close. If it is a couple of dollars or less of nicehash I go with it so I don’t pay a fee to deposit and I don’t have to convert to btc.

I could be completely wrong with how I mine but that is my strategy for now. I know some mine for the coin hoping for future worth.


AMD aren’t as profitable but still profitable.


I’ve been mining on btcp.suprnova for about 4 days and i’m getting about the same results from nicehash which i only did for 10 days. Not much data because i only just started and i’m only running on one gpu. Atm I’m just going for early adoption and hoping for btcp’s price increase overtime.


I would say that based on Ted’s calculations, BTCP mining IS profitable. It may not be the most profitable coin to mine but it is still profitable.

Not to mention, you will be mining with other Pub members on the same pool.


My situation is that I currently have 60 GPUs mining ETH and that’s really what I want, so if pointing them to this pool was going to make more and I could swap it for ETH I would happily do it, but if I point the rigs here and lose hundreds of dollars a month - I’m less inclined to do it…