Bitcoin Private - Pub Mining Pool


I haven’t yet. I had company over. I’ll try it tomorrow


I see btcp is on whattomine


ja unfortunately , the good times are over :slightly_frowning_face: they got listed 2 days ago when they got listed on HitBtc


The listing on HITBTC didn’t do anything positive for the BTCP price. I hope it gets listed on Binance, I’m happy with my small bag of BTCP, only around 21 coins, nothing as spectacular as @8of10 200 coins :wink:

I’ve decided to go back to ZEC for now, the profitability of BTCP just isn’t great right now and the number of blocks found was getting lower and lower even with a low overall network Hashrate of 7-8 MSols.


thats for sure , well it spiked a little bit , when it was listed , but nothing great , almost 200 coins 3,5 to go , then its time to get wasted :champagne::star_struck::grin::beers::tumbler_glass::beers: ill be sticking around getting more btcp to trade when it goes up to 50$ again .


Are you going to HODL those coins or trade them out? I was thinking of just HODL them for a few years, but it looks like BTCP is dropping rank on CMC, I’m a little concerned it’ll drop off rapidly, I’ve been thinking of exchanging them for Nano on Nanex.


For me personally, I trade then every time btcp spikes , I don’t hold any big amounts of btcp , I trade it to btc or NEO . It first has to prove its self on the market , it’s looking good , but they are not quite there yet .


wow straight 6 , im on a roll :joy::joy:


What’s everyone’s thought on the difference between Zcash and BTCP? Are they similar or the same?


im no expert , but if you look at them from the tec side they are absolutely the same, they both use zero-knowledge proof construction zk-SNARK witch is the fundament of there technology . i think the main difference is there DEV team , ZEC are quite greedy in my opinion .


Take a look at the pinned post at the top of the BTCP sub reddit. They are discussing a code re-base, that will bring BTCP up to the very latest blockchain and privacy tech.


That was strange had the server disconnect rig didn’t reset just the server. Any one else have this happened just 10 min ago.!?


I went 6 minutes without even getting one share on one of my 1080’s, which is really odd, but no disconnects. Really, really odd that I went that long without getting a share, though.


Wow 7 blocks today so far:) I found a block today :smile:


I wish I had more information about this to share, but unfortunately I don’t… anyway, the BTCP team is apparently developing some sort of a “one click miner” to make it extremely easy for new guys to mine BTCP.

Here’s a little copy/paste snippet from one of the BTCP dev team guys on reddit:


[–]BitcoinPrivate[S,M] 3 points 6 days ago

  1. We are not exactly sure how to answer your question here…

  2. The one-click miner will be an extremely easy and accessible solution that will allow even non-technical users to mine BTCP; the tool will require minimal setup and will come pre-configured with vetted mining pools. While seasoned miners will likely continue to use options like DTSM, this miner will be for everyone else- allowing everyone to participate in the decentralization of mining.


Now wouldn’t it be cool to have our little pool available on the BTCP one click miner? Maybe you guys can get in touch with them?

And yes… yes I do spend too much time on reddit. :slight_smile:


Good news fellas!
Check out @bitcoinprivate’s Tweet:


I’m so glad to see the team moving in this direction! Fantastic news, and it might cause a small price jump.

I’m not usually a “day trader”, but I might possibly try a bit of it… if the price jumps, sell a few coins, then move it when it slides down again.


BTCP is late to the game. Bitmain already has an easy set up miner that is ready to ship in June for BTCP. The Z9. :grin: :troll:


Have you guys noticed how much dstm has made on the current associated zcash wallet? t1NEpmfunewy9z5TogCvAhCuS3J8VWXoJNv
~ $1,250,000.00USD this round.
Does anyone know how to make a miner?

Does anyone use this per chance?


When you say how to make a miner are you talking about building the software or the hardware?