Bitcoin Private - Pub Mining Pool


Software. Just joking really. I’m sure many have tried :slight_smile:


Damn, BTCP has hit the top of whattomine :frowning:

I was just starting to get some good results.


wow , today 10 blocks , lets see if we can break our record :bitrocket:


That sucks , i hope not to many people will join the band wagon .


If they do, let’s hope they join our pool :slight_smile:


what are our fees currently? I am trying to recruit some hash power


0.5% is the pool fee


Amazingly BTCP is still at the top of whattomine even thought he price is plummeting.


Maybe that is the signal to buy!! :wink:


BTCP shows number 2 right behind RVN and followed by ETH for me on whattomine. Get ready for the flood of miners and the difficulty increase.


Happy days are over


Joined the pool last night… bringing a little over 3 kSol/s… not a lot, but hope it helps.


Happy to see you , every bit counts :+1::sunglasses:


Welcome Robert, I’m glad you found us here on the Pub.

How did you come to find our pool?



I made the mistake of leaving for a short time. I’ll never do that again.

I’ve never seen any pool downtime in the 60 days i’ve been here. Only 0.5% fee. And get this… admins that respond quickly to any issue you might have, right here in this thread. Try and find another pool that has this.

There’s also a pretty cool group of miners right here in this thread. Kinda nice to talk to the guys that are right there with you, finding the blocks.

I’ve been trying to promote the pool as much as I can on the BTCP sub reddit, but I’m trying not to cross the line between excited pool miner and shill. I’ve just been responding to “where should I mine BTCP?” posts with suggestions to mine here. It might not hurt if a few more guys from the pool chimed in, too. The BTCP sub reddit has a huge amount of traffic.

Not to toot my own horn, but I’m quite sure I’ve brought quite a few guys to this pool. OK, I mighta tooted my own horn there a bit… :wink:

And 3K sols/s is certainly nothing to sneeze at!


i would say the bitcoin pub , has the best miner community and Admins :beers::grin::sunglasses:


No doubt about it. Best crypto community :rocket:


Finally doing it bigly with my 1.41btcp lol
Absolutely love this pool and the people in it. And the pub is a well of information.!!! And welcome @nra4ever to the Pub and the pool brother!


one question Guys , does anyone use the ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Mini if so , are they any good ? my personal experience with zotac has not been the best so far , thats why im asking, the prices have come down a bit , they cost here (Switzerland) 555$


I used them on my last rig: 8 zotac 1070ti mini no issue so far and good hash rate. Little bit more hot than a normal 1070ti.