Bitcoin Private - Pub Mining Pool


thanks for the info , ill place a order then.


did you not create a backup phrase?


From what I can tell, I didn’t.

I still haven’t tried the other tricks people have listed. I’ve been too busy.


Difficulty is just barely over 100k, and we still have over 100k sols/s hash rate on the pool. We should be kicking out blocks like crazy!


I concur, we are having a slow spell.
Normally we would get 1-3 blocks/100 mined globally but 300 have just passed and none for us :frowning:


Legit mining pool for bitcoin private with 0% fees ( I use it once in a while. There is no one there right now, hence is no a good idea for me. However if you guys are nice enough to move your rigs to then i will take advantage of the 0% fee. Please double check since i havent been there in a while.


Cheers for the offer mafiaboy but we have a legit one here at 0.5% fee.
We also control the back end so are at less risk of being scammed.
It may just be that we need more numbers to get the consistency up :slight_smile:


0.5% fee for the work our Admins have done here is nothing , from over 200 btcp that i have mined here 1 btcp for the Admins is by far not to much to ask . Nice offer but ill be staying here .


can you send the link … i may move my rigs to your pool



Are all blocks a similar size regardless of the particular coin?
I was just curious if there are coins that would suit a smaller pool.


Go the CryptoDingo :smiley:


Hello everyone! i am joining pool, 1st timer running a low end gaming computer to mine. So far seems i would like this kind of job, Mining. I still need a new location so i can leave the computer uninterrupted. Uhmm, and i got a question, what does immature means? i do really need to learn much much more… thanks everyone!


Welcome! Immature means you have earned the coin but it has not paid out yet.


Have to have .1 btcp to get paid out!


i have never seen the difficulty so low , also the network hash rate is under 5Msols, crazy.


Is everyone moving on to other coins? Kind of curious as to what the sentiment is. Profitability took a hit recently.


I moved back to Zcash on Flypool and Nicehash as the payments are more consistent and profitable.


If you wait for profitability to go up difficulty will too :slight_smile:
This is the time to mine if you plan to HODL


Is it raining blocks on the BTCP pool right now?