Bitcoin Private - Pub Mining Pool


8 blocks today for a pub pool. I think yesterday was 6 and 8 the day before that.


The payouts are bigger per block too lately


I found a way to use the waste heat from my rig. Chilli Blockchain.


Mmmmmm spicy , just came up with a new business, you dry and make the spices , And i make the subway oven , and all on the block chain :joy::joy:


Wow! Impressive block finding today in the last few hours… @CryptoMykel Looking good bro!


I know I finally found my first block!!!:grinning::grin::hugs:
Thanks @Hafid!!


I thought a major objective of the crypto game is to avoid having to cook ever again? :sunglasses:


It is only fair that chilli blessed by BCH miner is 80% off than the ones blessed by BTC miner, if you ever want to sell them.


Did anyone try the btcp with Nano S? The third party wallet support is out:


jup, im using it , actualy not to bad, and after Installation i did a backup of the wallet, @ImaginaryPi :grinning: sorry Chris. Btw did you get your wallet back again


I haven’t yet. I still need to try the other trick of plugging in just the power for 20 minutes and so on. I just haven’t had time to do it.


How many BTCP are potentially lost?


20 character blah blah blah


Probably not worth the effort to retrieve if it takes a couple of hours. But I guess it is more the joy of knowing that you can.


Is there any way than closing the mining window to stop mine? I mean, is there any proper way?


Which software are you using?


Am using EWBF Zec miner


Is that EWBF on Windows? If it is, as far as I know you just close the window. If it’s SMOS just tap the power button.


Yes, it is on Windows. All good then, just close the window… Thank you very much for your kindness patience @seikin


I have been working on an easy way to make my master batch file launch each GPU in it’s own instance of Command Prompt so they don’t all crash together and have found a pretty good way to do it.
You can make groups as you please and mix and match GPUs and pools and launch as a group.
It really is amazing what you can do with batch files :smiley:
Check out my last post in this thread if you are interested.