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Anyone has experience changing the cooling fan on the AMD card (Radeon RX 580 ARMOR 8G )?

This card vibrates after a while and the Internet says it is a common issue.


not with that Card specifically, but yes I have experience changing coolers and fans from coolers on graphics cards


Does anyone feel a surge in the BTCP price coming on??


If the card is still under warranty, you could RMA it. However, if you have the correct spare parts it shouldn’t be too difficult to disassemble the heatsink and fans.

Otherwise you could go with a less preferred option of modding the heatsink with an off-the-shelf fan or go wild and splash out on a GPU water block.


I don’t think you need to remove the heatsink, just the fans.


These are simple to remove/replace.

I regularly strip all my GPUs down and clean them and replace the thermal paste. Just takes a few minutes.


Do you notice any difference before/after?


I do the same thing when I first get my cards, to replace the factory thermal interface material (paste).

EVGA’s factory paste is garbage. Using Cryonaut paste, I get between five and ten degrees cooler at full fan and full load depending on how well/bad the factory job was.


I would but the warranty…
Hey how’s about those blocks :smiley:
Is the Cryonaut paste better than the likes of arctic silver?


Run into this video about shopping in the biggest hardware mall. From 3:10 on, they saw some mining gears. Did anyone visit the same place? Are the mining hardware legit?


Thermal grizzly for me


Yes i feel that, but based on my feelings brah… :call_me_hand:t2::blush:


Just talking with @munternet about doing this on my Asus RX580 Dual that overheats and crashes my miner every 2 minutes.


Are those crashes affecting the life of the gpu itself?? Pardon, i am noob in these tech


Temperature spikes can impact the life of a Component. Repeated hot and cold cycling is not ideal. It’s better to have steady temps if possible. Some people don’t like different mining algorithms due to cycling of difficulty which does this such as X16r. I don’t know if that little bit of cycling would be a problem though.


So you mean when the gpu’s temperature stable all the time, then it should be good not shroten its life? Is it? I’ve read my gpu on standard would be at 54-55C, then i should aim for that temperature kind of stabilty…


Yeah, I tried to tune for that and it would go well for hours and then crash


I don’t mine too aggressively on ravencoin to leave a little headroom for the temp spikes on more aggressive algos. With my cards running anywhere between 54-74 degrees and hash pretty solidly. The hash rate varies by algo. Can be as low as 50 mh/s and as high as 120 mh/s.


Wow i did’nt know if the spiking can reaches those numbers, very good information to me sir… thank you very much…


Yes - I found the same in Hong Kong recently