Bitcoin Private - Pub Mining Pool


I’m sure enjoying all these blocks flying in, wish i wasn’t down yesterday for 4 hours, missed those 9 that came in at the end of the day


Hi Guys

I know this is a BTCP thread for the pub pool but its the most active for mining discussions

Im trying to mine XMR as eth is doing crappy atm

I managed to mine about a month ago with xmr-stak on SMOS

Now when i try mine it says invalid parameter “-pow7”

ive tried xmrig with and without the “-pow7 1” to support the hard fork for and still miner crashes

Can anyone assist here is my startup line: -pow7 1 -o -xpool ssl:// -xwal tekdirect.tekdirect -xpsw x


Monero changed their mining algorithm about a month or so ago to keep the ASIC’s out.

You need to update your mining software to the new algorithm.


I know thats what the “-pow7 1” to support the hard fork

I was mining after the hard fork with that startup param but now it not working says it doesnt know what the “pow7” is doesnt even see the 1

Miner just crashes cant start


Yes, Thermal Grizzly Cryonaut is quite a bit better than any other thermal paste on the market right now. If you don’t mind the risks, you could even go for Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut, which is a liquid metal TIM (I use it on my CPU’s).

To give you an idea of how good Cryonaut is, I’m able to mine at 120% power level, 75+ core, and 550+ memory on 1080’s, and with the fans on 100%, my temps stay at 54C. :slight_smile: Equihash isn’t really that harsh of an algorithm, but still… pretty impressive that just changing the TIM can give those kind of results!

EVGA’s factory TIM would be around 10C higher on most of my cards, although they did do a decent job on one of them, and I only gained 5C on that particular card.

Taking the time to do this is well worth it. Over time, that additional hash rate will add up, and keeping your cards cool is the very most important thing you can do for longevity.



You might have better luck asking this on a Monero forum, or the Monero sub reddit, as this place is pretty BTCP oriented, there’s not a lot of guys around here that are that familiar with mining XMR.


Oh, man, that sucks! Glad to hear you’re back up, though.

I’m really enjoying the lower difficulty and greater mining returns.

The lower price doesn’t scare me a bit, as I plan on holding BTCP for a long time. A year, at least. Most likely longer than that.

To me, this is just an opportunity to mine the heck out of it… an opportunity that might not repeat itself before too much longer. :slight_smile:

I really like how the dev team is putting in max effort toward the BTCP merchant platform, and pushing toward adoption of BTCP as a currency and not an investment. If they can pull it off, and get wide spread adoption as the private crypto of choice for merchants, the price will (of course) follow.


If you guys were using SMOS what minimum fan speed are you setting?


I use 40% for 1070ti and 50% for 1080ti. Temp target is 65C. My cards stay around 54-60C.


I use 40% flat min with my 1070s and 1070tis with a sharp curve to 50% at 60c and a straight line from there to 100% at 70c. I run my cards cool so I can barely hear the fans. This is in my custom fan curve in afterburner but it shouldn’t be much different.
I expect my cards and fans to reward me with a long trouble free life :slight_smile:
There are some animals out there that go hard and keep the fans high and the settings maxed out for top earnings but I can’t do that to my poor gpus :grinning:


I was down on Sunday for a few hours doing some setting on different algos and missed 14 blocks :scream:


on smos ive got my gtx 1070 rig on there. my fan speed is at 70% and all my temps are under 60c. overclocking core 125-150 mem 550. 450-470 sol/s 3.98-4.19 sol/w depending on the card.


A number of 51% attack occurred so what are the chances that bitcoin private will be attacked with 51%.


I’m confused about what you are talking about. Can you add context?


Oh man, that hurts! That was the biggest stream of blocks I’ve ever seen the pool get.

Well, right now that attack would have to go through Suprnova, as it’s the pool that has over 51% of the total hash. That would be extremely difficult, as the aggregate hash on Suprnova comes from many miners, and not just one that has 51% control of the hash. So it would have to pretty much be the pool operator (and I’m not even sure an actual pool operator could pull it off; it might have to be the actual miner) that initiates the attack. So, IMO, the odds of a 51% attack right now are pretty low. If all that 51% hash was in the hands of an individual miner, I’d say the odds were pretty good.

Fan speed curves and potential 51% attacks. :slight_smile:

I just leave my fans at 100% all the time, and put up with the noise. It’s not that bad for my setup, and I like it when my temps drop lower than my 54C max limit. So rather than slow the fans down when the cards cool below 54C, i just let the fans keep on runnin’ and enjoy the lower card temps.


actually the last 3 - 4 days have been crazy , every day 9 or more blocks . Now its time to celebrate again , broke thru the 300 BTCP barrier :bitrocket::beers::tumbler_glass::champagne:


Can you crash the market with your :whale::whale::whale: bag? To keep the difficulty low, the price needs to stay under 20$…


I’ll do my best :joy: just traded 100 Btcp for Btc on the resent BTCP pump , hope btc gets some momentum going :grin::grin:need more gpus , this weekend will be adding 4 more 1070ti s


Today just picked up some GPU`s , and i was a little bit shockt . The shops are really cracking down on miners .
The biggest shop here in switzerland does not want to sell me any more cards.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Looks like ill have to go on the hunt .


I heard your gun license is coming through soon. Would it help?