Bitcoin Private - Pub Mining Pool


LOL that’s crazy shit!! Supply and demand makes the world go round.

That’s like saying “retailers are really cracking down on shoppers”
@Phlier another block for you mate :slight_smile:
I bought two more 1070s yesterday. I now have 1 x 1080, 6 x 1070, 1 x 1070Ti, 6 x RX580 and I bought a nice second hand Corsair HX1200 PSU :smiley:
Go on @8of10 tell us what you have :smiley:


Time to start sending your friends in


Man, that’s a nice setup. Very jealous!


Weeeeeellllll , i have… a card or two :joy::joy:


ja the time is here to recruit everyone i know, Its like being a minor asking a adult to buy alcohol :joy::beers: talked to the company i work at , they made me a commercial account ,so i can order on all employee names of our company :grin: ( we are only 30 people) the shops make me feel like i’m some kind of criminal.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: maybe i have to start looking more on ebay.


@munternet cool setup building up some momentum , i use the Corsair HX1200 PSU on all my builds , they never failed me.


ja ,could really imagine that one , running into the shop with a gun , and the people want to give you the money, and i’m like , hey i don’t want your money , give me my GPU`s :sunglasses::hulksmash:


LOL :smiley:
My wife may be putting a stop to the momentum :frowning:
She wants to see the money :stuck_out_tongue:


Bummer ,you have to involve her , and say how cool this is and so on :joy: (most likely wont fly, but its worth a try) My ex wife has here own 1070ti rig that i help her with. I just explain this is a money printing machine :grin:


yesterday talked to the my utilities provider , Thanks to @Monque for giving me this tip , it turns out if you use more then 100 000 kw/h a year you can ask for cheaper power , so on monday i have an appointment , lets see .
the next step would be 300 000 kw/h


very cool stuff

mcaffee predicts BTCP @ 200$ by july


lets hope his shilling has some effect :grin:


honestly I for one hope it stays low price and low Diff so I can get a bigger bag


it would only have to peak to 200$ for a few minutes , that i can get rid of some , need more gpu`s :joy:


Difficulty has doubled :frowning:


hashing power is up almost 45% also from a few days ago


You’re on fire @Phlier :fire::fire::fire:


Honestly, I haven’t even looked for a few days… did I do good? :slight_smile:


yup been killing it dude


The network hash rate and difficulty seem to be going against us…