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so today i went and bought 2 more gtx1070tis , and because they gave me a hard time the last time , i thought to my self , well ill just buy the cards with the company account witch is not registered to my name but to the company where i work at . Sooooo i went there to day to pick them up , and i got grassed up buy one of the employes there witch has seen me many times there . At first she did not want to sell me the cards because she said that she was informed from her college that i have way to many cards , so we had to inform the manager and after some time i got the cards only because i used a new company account with no record . So basically now me as a person im black listed from buying any GPUs . I wonder when Nvidia will stop this bullshit , its like a kindergarten.


NVIDIA doesn’t give a fuck who buys their products, but putting on a game face for the gamer community will likely get them some cool points. I need my opinion all that they are doing is trying to control the surge requirements associated with GPU mania. As a manufacturing manager I can tell you that it is way easier to create leverage with your supply base if you can forecast level loads. It keeps the commodity cost flat and allows more money to go to your bottom line as opposed to forcing customers to pay over retail price due to the expedite cost associated with trying keep up with crazy demand. In that situation nobody wins. That said what you are experiencing is discrimination in the classic sense. If you were a guy trying to buy baby dolls and they told you no the social justice warriors would be screaming on your behalf. Think about it…


Kids, wives and plastic surgery.
I would try in that particular order…


Good one , only the first two would make by a 2er limit 12 gpu`s , ill leave the surgery for last, maybe by then Nvidia might change some things :joy:


Just do online purchases and get them posted out, unless you want to have some fun with them :stuck_out_tongue:


Nvidia website has 1070 to in stock for $449.00


Go me for finding my second block!


so I wonder if asic miners are on our coin yet? the net work hash has gone up 1 Msol/s in a couple of days. or is that a shit ton of weekend miners? lol


Did you get notification or a hint when you found a block? Or you just see on the list. Can’t wait to get my first block :smile:


I just checked and seen it!


The network hash has gone down again and so has the difficulty. I think it may be when it goes up the list on whattomine and nicehash move the rigs over and other whattomine followers do the same.


Where does everyone see the price of BTCP going?
It seems to be going down steadily for a while now.


ja , for me personally as long as it stays above 15$ im fine , but as long as the entire market is down it is really hard to say . if bitcoin goes up to 10000$ and btcp stays at 15 - 20$ then i will be moving on to mine something else.


I for one think that BTCP has a lot of potential based on the Tech its using,

Z Snarks with no dev fee and Segwit is awesome IMO


so I was wondering. what kinda security do you use for your rigs? my computer guy was telling me about a potential flaw with most motherboards. he was telling me that you can remotely brake into the bios on intel motherboards. he was suggesting to get a net work card to have my internet to go through that instead of the one built into the motherboard. anyone have info on this?


I personally don’t have much security at all. I don’t keep my wallet info on the mining machines and I keep an eye on them to make sure they are paying out ok.
Maybe @8of10 or someone with more to risk than me could answer this one? :slight_smile:

  1. On the motherboard firmware attack: ‘Trend Micro advises users to enable the UEFI SecureFlash option, to set up a BIOS/UEFI password and to update the firmware to its latest version so that it has the latest security patches. UEFI/BIOS updates are usually distributed by computer manufacturers through their support websites and some of them do fix issues identified by security researchers.’

  2. If you are on Windows 10, you can edit the local group policy to allow only a list of applications (your mining apps) to run:

  3. Enable Windows firewall. You can also choose which application can use which port through the firewall interface.

  4. Scan the mining applications after every upgrade with the latest virus definition.

  5. Use Linux based system for mining.


there’s not very much that i can add to that .
Im purely reeling on my routers firewall, and even if i did not have that , it would not make a difference for me because im using SMOS Linux and if a rig goes offline i will notice it quite fast , and in such a case i can even remotely hard turn off every rig.
But even before when i was still using windows it would not of been a problem because there was absolutely no personal information on any rig .
Even if the installation was destroyed i had a Main SSD installation witch i would just copy to the infected SSD with a Hardware copy tool , you press one button ,wait 20 min and finished (New ready to use pre configured SSD)
That’s why i dont mix Gaming and mining .


ty for your info. that’s awesome. I’ll sett the password for my bios. I’ve already updated my bios. and I’m running SMOS on a dedicated rigs. that’s why when my friend said something I just had to ask if there is more I can do.


thank you ty ty . love the support I get here. :grinning: hey I’ve got to ask how much work is it to have a big farm like yours? I’m looking into a much bigger operation. was wondering what i’m in for lol. like how much time in a day do you spend working on them or is it just maintenance as needed every so often?