Bitcoin Private - Pub Mining Pool


Well let’s put it this way , now it’s only maintenance as needed ,once a week I go and check if everything is ok . But this was only after I standardized everything, one type motherboard, psu , risers and so on . Also when it comes to over clocking I keep thing conservative ( efficiency is key ) .
If you need help just ask , we are all in the same boat :rowing_woman: on the way to the moon :full_moon_with_face:


What is your standard hardware setup, if you don’t mind telling us? I’m sure I’m not the only curious person here :smiley:


:joy: asrock pro btc+ , corsair 1200w platinum,Transcend JetFlash 700 16 gb, gpu( asus gtx1070ti rog) or ( Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Gaming) ( 175 gpu,850 mem, 115 Watts ) cpu Pentium g4400 1151 , risers I found a good supplier on AliExpress. All builds are 8 gpu builds


I’ve only got 12 rigs but I’m still mining ETH with them. I don’t care what the prices are - I’m a long term hodler.


Men’s everlasting tools that help the moon landing: wooden chair and the Subway cupboard.

We even need them afterwards…


Securing your Wallet is whats most important.

my setup is so humble its not even funny. I have 2 cards now cause my old 280x died (it was getting 300 sols)

my rx 570 is my computers primary graphics card and I have it mine ETH and ETC whenever I am not using my computer, and then I also have a 1060 in my rig thats pointed at the pubs BTCP pool 24/7


now this is just great , SMOS just did a update to my rigs , now half of my rigs are offline , wonderful. I know what i will be doing tomorrow


What update? Might be a staggered update, my rigs are still online. Are you using the Telegram notification from SMOS?


i just noticed that a bunch of my rigs are offline , and when i logged on to SMOS there was a pop up window stating there would be a update. now a bunch of my rigs have communication problems , or better said only the ones with a older version of smos. i have had this problem before , i have to flash the usb stick with the newest version of smos


A sea of red …


that sucks man. any way to disable automatic updates or is that not an option on smos?
its the bane of my existance on my windows 10 rigs


They should at least give the option of updating when you are present.
@GrillingWithGuns Windows 10 lite has no updates. There is no telemetry. Runs perfectly on the rigs I have it on.


dude thats lame, Does their twitter or something at least give you warning of it coming?
I am disappointed to hear SMOS does not have an easy remote update option, that makes software updates become unmanageable at a big enough scale


The SMOS web dashboard has a notice informing the changes. The update is actually not that big a deal to do. Download SMOS, flash the USB stick using Etcher, copy over a config file, all done in a few minutes. All-in-all, SMOS is excellent, typically you don’t have to do a thing, in fact this is the first big update since I started using SMOS last December, in all that time I’ve only had to switch off my machines a few times for tinkering. The rest of the time I remotely overclock and occasionally switch algos I’m mining on my mobile phone.


If you have to flash each usb stick and have a data center with 500 rigs. Thats a problem


anyone have any ideas how to fix this?

ive tried a restart and its all up to date :confused:


well its randomly working now, but would still like to know how to fix this issue in the future :stuck_out_tongue:


My guess would be memory overclock too high or virtual memory set too low or low hard drive space.

There may be an answer here.


Looks like you’re not mining for BTCP, but rather RVN. Also looks like you probably have something else running that is using the GPU so it’s not available for mining.


What GPU are you using? I saw this when my 3gb cards could no longer mine ETH but haven’t seen it for an equihash algo yet.

@RedLineJoes - It states equihash in the screen shot. He just has the folder open that has the Raven miners also listed.

But I think you are correct in that he has something else running that is using the GPU memory to where it is not able to allocate enough memory on the GPU for the miner.