Bitcoin Private - Pub Mining Pool


its a 980ti, i litterally just did a full reboot when i did the screen shot. i was playing total war warhammer, and exited the game then booted up the miner before and got the message so i figured that it might have been running background stuff for it still. still said it after a few minutes so did a full reboot. Nothing GPU wise was running at that point that i am aware of.


Well I look forward to seeing the cause as I have never experienced this before.


Thanks for the clarity. I missed the “equihash”; I saw the directory “…\mining folder\Raven miner>” and I use that same miner for x16r as well.


Can you provide a screen shot of your process or running applications list from Task Manager? Capture the list immediately after a clean reboot. Either you have something running, or the graphics drivers might also need a clean install, not the “express install”. Also post a screen shot of your available hardware resources. Windows 10 has a GPU monitor in task manager now. That will tell you 100% if your GPU is being utilized before launching the mining application.
Example of what the GPU stats look like while a miner application is running:


woot I found a block!

small happy dance for my single card doing good works


Lol good job my dudder. I know how it feels, and it feels AMAZING!!


i’m wondering which platform do you guys use to exchange BTCP to your country specific currencies, because i would like to test to cash it out, proving to family that am making real money … lol and i’m living somewhere in SEA region


I am hodling my btcp until much later in time


so i found out what it was. it was a thing in the nvidia control panel that allows you to make your gpu optimize for compute power that was on. ive been flipping it on and off from mining to playing games here and there and i guess i forgot to turn it back off before starting to run the miner. as soon as i did the miner started working instantly


Well that is very interesting, I do not even have that option with the latest GPU drivers from Nvidia.
My settings look a bit different.


I don’t have that option either, maybe it’s different for different nVidia cards, I’m using 1080Ti cards


1080Ti’s here too, but I also have 1070 and 960. However the control panel won’t open now on that rig when I use RDP to get to it. I’ll have to hook a monitor up to it and console in.


ok , now this is the point where i have to move on to mine something else , 15$ profit for a 100+ gpu FARM just isn’t enough , now since all the Z9`s are out there the difficulty just went through the roof , and until they come up with a asic resistant Algo it could take multiple months. What are you guys doing ?


I think by the end of next week I might do the same thing. I have been looking into Raven, but they don’t seem to be doing so hot either, price wise. I would love to hear what the Pub has to say on this subject as well. It might be time to get a new pool going for the pub.


ETC looks stabler for the moment.


Yea I seen that as well on


ja , i went to ETC , maybe later ETH but for now all the Equihash coins are pretty dead for GPU mining


what pool did you go with? and what version miner did you use on smos? I’ve been looking into this for a week now. was needing a little help on set up to do this. I hope you don’t mind. :grinning: ty for any info you can give.


What are you using for etc. I tried claymore but i cant seem to get it to work properly. Cant seem to connect to any server either


I’m buying z9’s then going to Disney land.