Bitcoin Private - Pub Mining Pool


RVN is too new to be concerned about price. It was up to .06 cents before coming down to .02 cents with everything else. If you are chasing profits and GPU mining, then you’re going about it wrong. With GPUs to be profitable, you need to be on coins that are not listed on any exchanges yet or that are not being talked about outside maybe the altcoins or mining channels. WTC was one of these coins and others come along like that. With GPU the profit is in the ability to get on a chain early and mine a lot before the herd of sheep come to it. RVN was the same way too, and because there is no ASIC for x16r or x16s with PGN, then you still have RVN to mine but you shouldn’t expect much profits if any during extreme bear markets.


Don’t be fooled, that false sense of stability came with the Coinbase listing. That “stability” is what it looks when a shit coin is listed to a large exchange like Coinbase. It’s all smoke and mirrors. People will dump it eventually when they realize it’s not going anywhere and it was only added as a way for pre-ETC fork holders employed high up the ranks at Coinbase to dump on plebs.


i’ll mine what ever pays for the electric it uses. It’s hard to roi in a mega bear market for sure. but if you traid for btc what ever coin you mine right a way you will make profits. if you mine a new coin then your gambling that it makes it in the long run. I would rather mine what makes money now. rather than a possibility on a new coin. to many projects out there that don’t have a working platform. but that’s my 2 satoshis on that topic lol. all farms have a bottom line to run and profits after that. :grin:


I’ve been mining ETC for a couple of weeks now, it’s been quite good, i’ve been averaging 1 ETC per day with my rigs comprising 5x1080ti and 6x1070ti, e.g. around $15 per day. I’ve applied the OhGodAnETHenlargementPill tweak in Global Options in SMOS to get around 50-53 MH/s with the 1080Ti cards (using Claymore miner).

My 6x1070Ti gets a combined hashrate of around 181-182 MH/s.

I’ve made a previous post on the Pill on the Pub if anyone is interested in using it for their 1080 or 1080Ti cards.


You need to update to claymore 11.8 to mine ETC now as past old DAG


does any one happen to know??? can you mine and have the pay outs go to the ledger nano s??? was just wondering. ty for any info :grin:


Yes, you just put the receiving address of a coin generated from the Nano S app into your mining parameter.


thank you for the info. good to know.


I actually see ETC overtakes NEO in no time and maybe enters the top 10 in some months.


Almost 2 days a no block and 33k sols, looks like the end is hear fellas.


Its just a matter of luck man. Thats the thing with small pools the payouts are larger when blocks are hit but they are less consistent and over time it should equal itself out.


I just wanna hit 5btcp before I move on only need .60 more.


Hey guys, sorry I’ve been away. Very busy at work right now.

We are still getting blocks. We got 3 on the 26th, 1 on the 27th, and so far 1 today. Winning blocks has slowed down for sure with @8of10 gone. No blame for leaving. Gotta chase profits, especially when profitability is so low.


Lol then we hit 2 blocks pools was listening.


@CryptoMykel You fixing to leave the pool bro, and you find a block! Tempting ya to stay!!! Hahahaha!


I know right @Hafid I’m torn man I’m still making decent profits from this pool but just want more lol


ja , its a bit frustrating at the moment , in 2 days BTG will be forking . I wonder whats going to happen . When is BTCP going to fork ?


Based on the dev website it appears they’ll explore fork options in 2019.


Thats too late to matter


The reality most will not fork and embrace the ASIC take over. Resistance is futile… :wink: