Bitcoin Private - Pub Mining Pool


Is anyone willing to share their opinion and discuss what they believe separates BTCP or makes it better than XMR, ZEC, ZCL, ZEN, etc? Maybe this been discussed in a separate thread already. I’m curious why anyone would want to contribute to this project. I have tried to understand and watch interviews with some of the contributors. Based on the track record of those developing these projects, they have a history of abandoning projects and never fulfilling the road map.


For me, there is little difference, XMR is differentiated due to the algorithm, Monero has never interested me.

The rest are forks of Zcash without the founders fee. I believe most people mine these coins as we have Nvidia hardware.

Out of the bunch I prefer ZEC, but I don’t intend to HODL any of these, I sell if I can get a decent exchange to BTC. I’ve ended up with a bag of mined BTCP due to a gradual decline in exchange rate, but I have hopes it will rise on a bull run one day :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info
What are they thinking ? next year , Wow thats way to late . Also when i look at other projects that said " ja we are going to fork" Its all happening way to slow


Is anyone considering mining Bitcoin Gold now that it’s forked with a modified equihash algo?


In my opinion there isn’t much of a difference. Zen is the only one to me that stands out with a significant difference in that it is trying to do a combined masternode along side of mining.

From a user perspective there really is 0 difference in that they are all supposed to be privacy coins but very few actually use the privacy feature. The biggest draw back to this is exchanges only support the transparent addresses this is one of the reasons XMR stands out in that if I am not mistaken all transactions are private. This means if an exchange wants to list it then they have to support the privacy of the network. I mean once it is on an exchange it is no longer private but knowing where the XMR came from is. I could see this being an issue as regulations come to bear on the market.

These are part of the reasons I never really got into speculative mining on them. I do have a couple BTCP kicking around and why I think as a community we should push more towards a Raven pool of something of that nature but still think that might be a bad idea as it is only listed on cryptobridge meaning the liquidity of your mined coins is very limited.


Since you asked; I don’t like people losing money to networks where 51% attacks are possible.
Why would anyone support such a scam?
If you personally have money you don’t care that much about, why not invest in real projects that are actually trying to help ease the use of crypto like My Crypto Name and the Token Name System. Full disclaimer: I do work for these projects and am quite frustrated by how people gravitate towards scams or weak insecure networks but avoid legit projects like the plague.


I couldn’t agree more.
When I saw the road map said 2019 for forcing encryption, I just can’t even maintain.
The only reason I could understand anyone would of wanted to jump on this bandwagon was encryption and after asking, nobody even pointed that out because they know it is unlikely to ever actually materialize in a default manner.

We need to avoid anything Rhett comes in contact with even if he’s kicked out of the tribe for shilling the next scam “too soon”.


Fair enough, I was curious what the guys leaving the Hashit Bitcoin Private Pool were considering mining. I’ve never mined Bitcoin Gold and I agree it is definitely a shitcoin that isn’t worth HODLing, but the 51% attack would not affect me as I don’t hold on to these type of shitcoins in hope they will ever rise in price, I would mine to an exchange and convert them to Bitcoin every few days. Personally mining is my DCA into Bitcoin and ETC (which I’m mining with my GPU rigs at the moment).

LOL, I’m not sure where this came from, IMO nearly everyone cares about their own money, if only just to get a ROI +some. The projects you mentioned look interesting and I’ll keep an eye on them, thanks.


Yea with my 2 rigs im now mining etc. less power usage and higher profits. may your hash be high and your watts be low!!! lol


Hi guys. I have been mining eth on my 6 x rx580s and mining on nicehash with 6 x 1070s a 1070ti and a 1080 (which I turn off to play BF4 about 4 hours night) and earning a little over $15USD daily.
I don’t have to think much or do any conversions since I get paid in btc and eth and it just ticks over.

I know people say I should be able to mine better on a pool rather than nicehash but people seem to want to pay high amounts to mine something they could buy for less for some reason.
I just set the algos I am tuned for with afterburner and it jumps from one to the next as the demand and price determine.


Hei, i am curious about this point. Is this means the btcp are in an open position for attack, 51% chance? If it is true,Is this the reason suddenly few miner leaving from btcp private pool? Thanks man, cheers :champagne:


“Bitcoin Private (BTCP), Bitcoin Gold (BTG) and Bytecoin (BCN) were amongst the least secure coins listed and are highly vulnerable to attack. Bitcoin Gold has already been subject to a 51% attack recently that cost it $18 million in losses.”


Then what can we really do with these attackers whom are trying to buy every opportunities to attack from every direction of coins? Is there any way maybe? Or its just pure money game in a different level using real money? :beers:


BTW am finally get 1 coin of btcp … yeehaa!! Kick it! Am still mining btcp for the pub!


no I left because with electric usage being high and btcp price going down. I had to change to something that was less power hungry and worth more to make up for power used.


Yes right glad to know 1 miner left becos of another reason :+1:t2::champagne::tada: hoping price going up soon so one can get back to mine btcp on the pool :muscle:t2:


The answer is easy. Stop it. Stop contributing to scams and just use Bitcoin. The strongest defensive weapon you have against these attacks is to stop contributing to them. When people get involved with projects like Rhett and others, they open themselves up to massive scams.


I know this was mentioned a long time back but I have just discovered it :stuck_out_tongue:
Works great on 1080Tis and a few 1080s on memory intensive mining.
I am mining ethereum with my 2 x 1080Tis and getting 104 Mh/s solid
Power 65
Core 120
Mem 550
400w from the wall (would be less if they didn’t have their own m/board)


This is some good news.