Bitcoin Strippers & Strip Clubs | Fad or Future?


Bitcoin Strippers & Strip Clubs n the U.S.

Fad or The Future?

Is Bitcoin making its way into the mainstream adult entertainment industry? Looks as though because a lot of strip clubs have installed in their upscale establishments. Dancers at these clubs are even ordering special QR codes in the mail to bring in the extra bucks by visiting patrons of the gentlemen’s club or establishment(s). Is this bringing more money to the bottom line in what strippers make and take home? Some say yes but that is only if Bitcoin stays a mainstream form of income or investment asset long term. If not then if the dancers in the industry will lose out if they fail to cash out or trade their Bitcoin as soon as they receive it from customers. If Bitcoin gets adopted by the masses and a dancer in the industry HODL’s their coins then they could cash out and possibly get out of the entertainment industry once and all if their heart desires. Some of the smaller local stripper agencies in major cities like Las Vegas, Atlanta & New York City are even accepting Bitcoin as form of payment to book strippers, dancers, models and entertainers all of the United States of America.

Is this a fad or a trend that will come and go? Possibly is this something that is to be later advanced upon, improved upon, made better and more efficiently done where it will be a common every day activity? The truth lies truly within the Bitcoin and Crypto Currency online community. Maybe if more practical DAPPS are made in the world, the masses adopt a new form of currency or more regulation brings more reliability in the crypto space as a trusted new way of payment then entertainment services can thrive and flourish in this new world and era we step in together moving forward. Go support your local stripper at a strip club or a stripper agency with some Bitcoin, Satoshi, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash coin or any other kind of crypto currency to donate to the cause. Stay groovy! Thank you for reading.


When I was in Thailand, this is definitely a thing, including girls with Bitcoin QR codes as tattoos on their arms/legs/you guessed it :slight_smile:

Not that I would know such things :stuck_out_tongue:

Stay Fishy


Imagine being with a girl for a few months, getting to like her and then seeing a QR code tattooed on her leg :joy:


Or on her azzzzzz! :butthurt:


Bitcoin Strippers and QR codes? I love it! :heart_eyes: Where in Atlanta can I find a strip club that accepts Bitcoin or crypto currency? Here is a strip club directory but which ones take and accept crypto and Bitcoin though?! 1539685966147|226x500