Bitcoin Surge Broke Some Stuff

Woke up this morning to down rig. Several attempts at restart yielding nothing so I went to the Nicehash website and them boys are hard on the floor: MAINTENANCE - We should be back shortly.

Their Twitter says: Dear NiceHash users,
we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused. Our team is working hard to resolve the issues on the service, it might take longer than expected. We’ll keep you updated!

My guess is the surge in price (topped 13k USD) caused a whole lot of people looking to buy hashing power to jump on Nicehash and literally broke em down…like on a hardware level. LOL

“Blockfolio servers are not responding”…crazy.

So I spent a couple hours this morning downloading and writing batch files for XMR. Once that was done I tried to open an XMR wallet on…INTERNAL SERVER ERROR.



I hear ya. Been monitoring the Nicehash situation all day.
Been mining VTC on Canadian pool in the mean time.

I waded through some of the Facebook/Twitter posts. Conspiracy theory Nicehash was hacked citing 4300 BTC were moved when unplanned “maintenance” started.

Its in Italian, use google translate:

puts on tinfoil hat

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