Bitcoin technical analysis trading strategies


video with how i see Bitcoin playing out this weekend. I foresee a low volume weekend bear flag which tops off at $6700 max. Very bearish chart, and I’m expecting a 6k retest again soon!! Currently out of a Bitcoin position waiting for another nice short entry.

The good thing about market diversification is that while BTC has moved sideways for the last 48hours and has not yet shown a good setup for long of short, the stock market has been seeing some great volatility. I have been trading INTC, AMZN, SQ and AAPL. So while i wait to find a bitcoin entry that kept me occupied. Now waiting to see if BTC will make a move over the weekend.


So Bitcoin couldn’t break over $6485 for 24 hours straight. 26 EMA was too strong a resistance on the 1hr, histogram was downticking hard(before drop), stochi RSI couldn’t break 26, and normal RSI made a lower low(also before drop). I opened a short which i will now hold till $6k, with stops in profit set at $6300. Expecting another leg down to $6k soon.


I sold in the bear flag @6500, have buy order @6010. Keep the ta coming man :+1:


Yes that is a very sensible buy in mate RR wise. I guess you will have your stops set at $5700?


Stop @5805 to try and avoid slippage below support if we break down. Im slightly on the fence @6010 rebuy to be honest. Thats the target i picked couple days ago. Im right in front of 400 btc order @6000 on gdax. Watching daily rsi…will adjust if needed.


Bitcoin just had a move up to $6480 but expecting this to trickle back down.

From btc thread.

Been calling ETH to $187 for a while. It’s now oversold and should Bitcoin bounce from 6k, Ethereum is a good buy RR wise. It’s on yearly lows, big support, oversold. Maybe it’s fundamentals could bring it down, but from a technical analysis standpoint, it’s a good buy.


$800 dollars profit in 30 minutes from my ETH long :money_with_wings:


Latest video where i go over my above Ethereum trade, explaining the reasons that made me open it. When I see a great risk to reward trade opportunity i’m like a kid in a candy shop.

Then i go over Bitcoins hidden bearish divergence on the rsi oscillator - 4hr chart. Looking forward to weekly close tonight now, as will give us a lot of information on how to play the upcoming week, long or short.

As always, any trading or investing questions let me know. Happy to help :heart:


Had a few people ask me about the Etoro exchange I have been using to trade on, so I have made a video for you all going over how it’s used to long and short! imho it’s a decent exchange/broker, but be careful of fees/premiums.


Gonna have to have a gander of your channel when i get home man! I’m on nights so I get the day time to fill with learning haha


video where I go over the descending triangle that has been valid for 9 months now on Bitcoin. WIth a break up or down of this i’m expecting a big move. This is an easy pattern to draw and highlights that technical analysis doesn’t have to be difficult to be effective.

It’s really important you understand this descending triangle as it is going to have a big effect on the price of Bitcoin, so any questions let me know, i love helping you all!

Screen of my open trades


So a quick post about seeing an alt pump while in this bear market.

Yesterday XRM pumped up 15%. Any coin that has pumped over the last 9 months has lost all its gains. This small pump is no different.

Price hit long term support crossed with news yesterday which caused the quick spring up but you notice how it hits tops resistance that i also had marked out as resistance over the last few months on my XLM chart

With just 2 lines drew, support and resistance, this was an easy, good trade. I didn’t buy in on the pump, but i did short it. Any coin in this market pumping 15% is a great short opportunity. While BTC remains unstable, and ETH dumps, no alt is going to be able to maintain these pumps.


So you’re saying it’s time to short that doge? :doge:


As a trader you have to be prepared for every scenario and carry no bias when entering a trade. Here i go over the most important supports for Bitcoin should we break down from the very important descending triangle pattern.


Bitcoin technical analysis video where i cover the BTC Fibonacci and Elliott Wave resistances sat at around $6600. If you got in at lower wave 2 or 4 it’s a good idea to start taking profits now we’re about to hit some big resistance.


Wooow my price target from yesterday hitting to the dollar, how amazing is technical analysis! I’m now seeing an Elliott Wave ABC correction in play! Short term while/Wave 4 support holds support i’m looking at this chart bullishly :money_with_wings:


Finally my Elliott Wave theory lesson video for you all!! Has taken me a long time to put this together, so I have split it into 4 parts. If you love Elliott Waves as much as me you hopefully will enjoy, and most importantly, learn. Elliott Waves can definitely help you become a better trader!

Any questions let me know, happy to help you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Follow on to yesterdays Elliott Wave lesson, where here i cover the ABC corrective Wave pattern.

Hope this helps you out!


Just started video 1, thanks.


ascending descending expanding. got it! :sunglasses: :joy: :tipping_hand_man::no_good_man::ok_man:

Thanks for the nice lessons mate, , subscribed already to your channel


No worries mate, as with all my videos I post them here so the Pub members can have a trader teacher :smiley: Any doubts or questions you have, I will give you all the trading support you need! Hope you enjoy and learn a lot!

Haha yes mate!!! The triangle formations can get very advanced, but as long as you remember they stay within those triangle patterns, it’s a lot easier to manage.