Bitcoin technical analysis trading strategies


Thank you very much! I lol be diving into this tonight!


Juist finished lesson one. Great, liked the content and info pace.
Your creating content like that philokone had erased from his page
Didn’t take profit at each fib level, gonna try that.

In the second video you take the fib from top to bottom. When do you take it from the top and vice versa ?


Yes you’re almost guaranteed a bounce on each fib level in the crypto market.

When you’re in uptrend you take the fib from bottom to top. This identifies the fib levels that will act as a support to place buys.

When you’re in a downtrend you place the fib from top to bottom which will identify the fib levels that will act as resistance to place shorts.

I will be doing a full video series on Fibonacci retracement and extension, it’s 100% my favorite trading tool!

My quick technical analysis video from today :slight_smile:


No lie doubt about it. You are a great teacher, i will also be checking out your Fib… video if they are already up. Killing it! I i still need to watch these videos again 2 more times P.1 and 2 since it always take a me a couple time to watch/repeat thing before they really stick in my brain.


No Video today?:disappointed_relieved: its all good! keep up the great work.


Thank you mate! I have not made an official fib lesson video yet, but i will be doing one in the future 100% I do have videos where i use Fib though so that may be helpful.

Sorry i didn’t have time to make a video last night, 1st time i missed a daily video in a longgg time! Should be one tonight though mate :slight_smile:


New video for you all!! I go over three things for you all. I start with some trading tips in a bear market, why I opened up a long position, and finally why i have been trading other markets more recently.

On the 4hr we are starting to see indicators turn bullish, so i entered into a very short term long position, a lot of risk for me though here. Bitcoin continues to trend sideways between $6100 and 6500.


Finished the video How to: Elliott Wave. Learn to trade using Elliott Waves Part 1: Impulse theory.

Nice summary of elliot waves, did some reading in elliot waves principles. But must read it again, so much info. This video helps, also for explaining this to some friends of mine :slight_smile:

Do you cover ending/expending/leading diagonals in a video ?
Would also be nice to cover the variations of the triangles.

And maybe a video of the setup of a trade ?
Where placing the stop loss, which platform, risk managent.
Often i’ve a situation like this, where the stoploss is going off with a loss:


Loving your teaching skills. I do have a question in regards to the beginning of a new Elliot Wave formation. Would this be considered as the beginning of a new Elliot wave theory. This is on the 1hr chart. If not, when would you know the start of a new formation.


Thank you for the feedback mate very helpful, and i’m happy that the video served you well :slight_smile:

I have not covered this in a dedicated video, I can defiantly make a video going through it though!

Deffo going to be doing this soon, kind of part 3 and 4 will be all examples for elliott wave trading :slight_smile:

I would personally place the stop loss below Wave 2. if you’re buying in on wave 3 upwards there mate


Good question mate. For you to know if it’s the start of a new impulse Wave, you have to go back through the chart and draw out your impulses and corrections. If in the chart it has just finished a corrective wave pattern, then it’s likely to be starting a new impulse wave!

Just so you’re aware if not already, Wave 4 cannot go below Wave 1, so the above waves would not be correct, happy to help you out mate!!!


New technical analysis video where i go over a Bollinger Band trading strategy, using $ICX $BAT and $ZRX as examples. Hope you learn/enjoy!!! :man_student:


Watched a few videos now, you are a good teacher :+1:t3:


Thank you mate, i’m glad you’re enjoying them! :smiley:


BTC update. Easy to be playing this, currently stalling right at the 0.5 Fibonacci retracement level. $6900 still remains my target for entering a short.


ooh that’s not what i mean, I was buying after wave 5, after fib 0,618 of the total wave (1 to 5).

Or you always by after wave 1 ?


ah lol i see what you mean :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes you have done your Elliott Wave and Fibonacci TA correct there, 5 impulse waves have finished, taken out the fib retracement from start of wave 1 to top of wave 5. bought in on the 0.618 fib level in a normal trading environment that would be a good trade imho mate.
Problem is this was a BTC failed rally, and as the rally failed it was drawn back to 6k area of support to touch bottom triangle support. No trader wins 100% of trades, your theory was correct, but i think it’s important to remember for BTC atm each failed rally is likely to test 6k support.


New technical analysis video where i cover my XRP Ripple and new BTC short positions(After closing my long which i opened 2 days ago in profit)

Enjoy amigos :smiley::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I was looking at buying in but took your advice on when people are shilling it like mad, it means it’s over bought and stayed out. Low and behold it went down from 80 to what it is now.


Yes you have to be sooo careful when buying into a coin that has pumped over 200% in only 3 days, crazily overbought. Well done on controlling your emotions, i’m sure there are a lot of bull trapped top buyers right now not feeling the same haha!