Bitcoin technical analysis trading strategies


Yo teach! what do you think about the Elliot Wave, Matches up perfectly with the Fibs, 0.618.


Very valid count mate, I have a similar one drawn up with wave 5 ending at $6900 - triangle resistance and 0.618 fib level. great RR for a short there, with stops just over triangle.

Well done mate, you’re learning!!! :smiley:


New $BTC $ETH and $XRP technical analysis for you all!! Hope you can learn from this video as I have been making some perfect trades off only Elliott Waves and Fibonacci recently!! I LOVE Crypto!! :man_teacher::man_student::moneybag:


Great set ups brother. Let’s make some gains :money_mouth_face: :dollar:


Yes you know it brooooo!!! Very happy with these trading setups not going to lie!!

You looking to trade XRP/ other alts or just stay with BTC?


Playing ICX and LISK right now.


Not on that NAV pump then lol, some Discord group i follow pumped it :joy:


Watching for a possible bearish gartley pattern playing out. Would need that test and rejection off of the 6900 level you’ve mentioned.


New BTC - Bitcoin Technical Analysis today for Bitcoin. I take a look at BTC’s Logarithmic old channel support, and how this could play out again with a break downwards of the descending triangle we’re in!!

I think it’s very important as a trader to be ready for the bullish and bearish outcomes, hold no bias! :slight_smile:


Liked the other view about the BTC price action. 3000 dollar is awesome for me for the long term perspective.

Question about a trading setup, do you trade with a bot ?
I’m wondering how to place a stop loss and a sell order.
It’s not possible to place these 2 orders (it’s like double spending), not on binance/coinbase pro. Maybe a other platform ?

Trying to do something like this:

And about the sell orders at every fib level, do you sell a predefined percentage off the amount you bought ?
0,236 --> 30%
0,382 --> 25%
0,5 --> 20%
0,618 --> 10%
0,786 -->10%
1 -->5%

Or it’s the other way around, at the low fib levels smaller percentages ? Must be sure about the TA then :slight_smile:


Them LSK/BTC gains though :saltbae: . Nothing crazy, but I’m happy with my strategy and how it played out -> looking for oversold alts and buying in at the bottom of the momentum indicator.


On which timeframe you’re looking for oversold coins ?
Momentum indicator , MOM ?


4hr chart has been good to me. I use the Stoch RSI as my primary momentum indicator.

Also use Fib retracement on prior up to down moves for planning entry and exit points.


not sure if this goes here short xlm/btc double top rsi


No I have never used a bot mate, purely because i like the human advantage of adjusting quickly in a trade.

I would LOVE this option, as i have it when trading stocks, but unfortunately no Crypto exchange supports it at the moment :frowning:

Honestly it’s extremely varied for me, I don’t have a set profit % i will take at each fib, it would depends on the trade that i’m entering to be honest with you mate.

I normally would look on 15m oversold bounce short term trading. 15m up to 4hr.

I wouldn’t call this a double top mate. For a double top the price/indicator would have to have the exact same(give of take a few $'s) price.

This does look like a bearish divergence forming though. With Price making a higher high, and RSI making lower high.


New announcement on bitMEX


At first glance this appears to average out several platforms to reduce the likelihood of manipulation… yet I’m seeing that the exact opposite could happen.

Poloniex and Kraken receive the same weight as Binance, yet they respectively hold 1/20th and 1/10th the volume. That equates to far less liquidity necessary to manipulate the average price. Am I missing something, or does this not seem completely ridiculous?

Before -> daily liquidity = Binance $1B
Now -> daily liquidity = (Binance $1B / 3) + (Kraken $110M / 3) + (Poloniex $53M / 3) = $390M


I just did the same numbers and your hypothesis is very accurate. On the surface it appears like a move in the direction of more stability, but in reality it is the opposite. Having a huge 1.5+ billion in market share in derivatives contracts you would think they would be making the opposite type of moves. The average trader likely does like I did at first and take it as a + and not really draw an accurate conclusion.


New Bitcoin Technical analysis, very happy with this pattern i have found and it has just bounced off the same support that caused the run up to $7400! holding a small long here with stops below top of Wave 1.


Great video Daniel. Thanks!