Bitcoin technical analysis trading strategies


Learning a lot from your videos :fist::beers: The channel keeps growing yoo
This showed up in the related section… I definitely can see the power of technical analysis now


That 61.8 :rollsafe:


For total transparency to you all, i got stopped out of this BTC trade last night while sleeping. This highlights the importance of stop losses, lost 1.2% from my small bitcoin long position. My ETH short is still going very strong though currently 14% up. Excited for this week of trading!!


New BTC - Bitcoin Technical Analysis video 22.09 I explain the meaning behind each failed BTC rally getting smaller and smaller, and the volume dropping off as we reach the end of our descending triangle. Hope you all enjoy and can learn from it!

As always, I will give the best help I can to all Pub members here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Any questions at all let me know.


Huge respect for not only the quality analysis here, but also for acknowledging your recent loss. I think it’s as important to address how to handle bad trades, as it is to focus on the good ones. Well done sir.


100% my friend, it’s very important that everyone realises that it’s not possible to win every trade, and that’s why risk management and stop losses are so important!


New Bitcoin Technical Analysis video. Today i go over Fibonacci retracement support and resistance levels that have been extremely nice to trade off!! Hope you enjoy and a massive thank you to all the Pub members here, you’re all great. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Just keep up with the good content man. But also yes, we are all great. :joy:


New BTC - Bitcoin Technical Analysis!! In today’s video I cover BTC’s bullish and bearish divergences that have showed up over the last 48 hours, it has been a joy to trade off them! Hope you enjoy/learn from this team Pub :man_teacher::man_student:


I hope you learnt from this Divergences lesson video yesterday. This morning i spotted another Bearish divergence, and opened a short.

Two hours later:

Just shows how powerful they are no?!? The last 4 times we have seen a divergence on Bitcoin, it has played out exactly as hoped!!!


New BTC - Bitcoin Technical Analysis for you all today, where i discuss the many divergences that we have been seeing over the last 48 hours and the trades I have made. Hope you enjoy the video and can learn from it!! :man_teacher::man_student:


What platform are you using there dan? Etoro?


Sure is mate, lately I have been trading a lot from Etoro and Bitmex alike. :grinning:


New BTC technical analysis, where i cover the local support and resistance levels we’re seeing come into play over this low volume weekend. Hope you’re all doing well Pub members!! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Thanks for the update and explanation. I’m also in no trade atm. Will build my next set up based on where we go next. :v:


Yeah mate, it’s hard to find a good entry while we’re in this sideways movement. $6600 still acting as big resistance!!


New lesson video for you all today where i go over what a stop loss is, and good areas to pace your stop losses on support-resistances + Elliott waves and Fibonacci. :grinning:


BTC - Bitcoin Technical Analysis discussing the sideways continuation and how i will be looking to play the break of $BTC support/resistance. Also an update on my $TSLA short. Enjoy pub brothers(+sisters if y’all here too)!! :man_teacher::man_student::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


New BTC Bitcoin technical analysis where i go over the Fibonacci supports, and also my Tesla short. Enjoy amigos!


BTC - Bitcoin Technical Analysis covering $BTC big resistances and the descending triangle. Plus an update on my stock market shorts!!! :man_teacher::man_student::moneybag::moneybag:

Bitcoin is getting ready to have some great volatility get ready pub!!! Big price action coming soon!!!