BitConnect - The Aftermath - What will the Future Hold? [BitConnect X?]



Who leverages their home for an investment? Yeesh.


BITCONNECTX good investment.
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BITCONNECTX good investment.
Should I invest in BITCONNECTX?
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I don’t understand in the car selfie videos.



To bad I guess you never listened (the man in the video) to all the warnings. Being desperate will cause people to make bad decisions and that is not good but we all live in this life together and as the saying goes if it sounds to good to be true well then it is. This is exactly why states and governments have to intervene because people do stupid things like get into Bitconnect hell I was in it and lost $700 but I took a gamble and lost so ok no big deal but others putting all they have into this scam oh my. If you want to put everything into something a good thing to put in would be Jesus Christ.


i also threw a 1010 loan in there as an experiment. i was converting back to btc daily. luckily icx almost tripled.


It’s unfortunate that all these scam artists are attracted by crypto. The next big fall out will be tether and it will affect all of us, not just holders of tether. Why? They are printing tether out of thin air and using this to buy real crypto, essentially stealing crypto from legit investors like us. As of now, they have stolen 1.6 billion dollars and will continue to do so until somebody stops them. I hope somebody will really soon.


i dont even understand how tether came onto the scene. fuck those guys. i remember back when roger ver was trying to convince everybody that MTGOX was solvent. this is twice that size. ive got some evening reading to do… tether :face_vomiting:


This Bitconnect issue is an early flag in the crypto space. That flag would warn us of a too fast, good idea-bad implementation influx of regulation that hasn’t been thoroughly vetted. The same damn thing happened in the regular investment world. Some shyster delivers a promise of great ‘gainz’, and all the sheep, cows, donkeys, pigs, and other ignorant farm animals go parading in with smiles on their faces and tails in the air.

And then…they come back out screaming like Trevor et al.

Crypto is not whats attracting scam artists. The scam itself is the honey. That it was crypto (in this case) is only a piece of the puzzle.


I’m curious about your idea. I don’t know why non-tether holders would get hit if tether collapsed.

You paid me 20000 tether for my 1 bitcoin. You now have 1 BTC. I’ve got 20000 USDT. If tether failed, only my holding of 20000 USDT would become worthless, but your BTC will still worth how much people want to pay their fiat for it. If someone wants to pay $20000 for 1 BTC, your BTC valuation isn’t affected at all.

They can’t buy any coins with tether if no one agrees to exchange. At the end of the day, only the tether holders would pay the price. This is based on the hypothesis that tether would collapse at some stage.

If you are talking about constant scammy coins going bust would affect the investors confidence in this market, therefore all of us would get affected, I can probably agree with you to some extent.


Wait you mean their making money out of thin air just like every inflationary currency on the planet!?
God No somebody stop them! :joy: :joy: :thinking:

But yeah I hear you concern and I dont agree with doing that either.


For the trader USDT stops the fall of the crypto coin that was sold and to me it is very handy and a good way to make money but THE USDT HAS TO HAVE BEEN PAID FOR.


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So…why didnt these people simply but money into bitcoin?

I dont get it.


The promise of guaranteed returns and the perception of a lack of need to actually do due dilligence.

AKA laziness and/or ignorance topped off with a sprinkling of greed.


He he hay… beeecooonnnnneeeeecttttttttttttttttt X!!!
The only reason why bccX is getting response is… well, people getting rid of their bcc coins. bcc coins are worth $150 to buy bccX in the hope that bccX will go up in value. For bcc holders, it’s a hope to recoup their loss. If Bitconnect was fair enough to refund people their BTC instead of bcc, people will pass bccX. So to some people, they have been scammed twice by the same scam. Bitconnect did set records this decade… the longest running crypto ponzi and the one the ponzied the same people twice!


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