BitConnect - The Aftermath - What will the Future Hold? [BitConnect X?]



And Bitconnect continues to go south to ZERO!!!



I’m posting a different article about the second BitConnect lawsuit because it has more details about YouTuber Ryan Maasen being named…

The suit names Ryan Maasen, a Bitconnect promoter from Tulsa, Oklahoma, as well as Bitconnect International PLC, Bitconnect LTD, Bitconnect Trading LTD. Maasen did not respond to a message sent to him on Twitter.

Paige contacted Maasen to ask if the return was real. “Maasen responded by citing the meteoric rise of Bitcoin: ‘Just look at how much bitcoin has grown since it started. Fractions of a penny to now over $7K…crypto is incredible!’” Maasen wrote, according to the suit.


Sounds like this should be copied to the US States News


Peter, do you mean this thread?

I would do it, but I am reading that as specifically legislation in each of the states, as opposed to litigation. I can see why John would want to limit it to legislation.

:us: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency Legislation for All 50 US States :us:

I think we want to post all US State News there.



Pewdiepie (most famous youtuber) made a video about bitconnect :grin:


Aftermath as of July 11, 2018
Youtube added to Bitconnect lawsuit for not protecting public from Bitconnect Scam Content Creators. Amazing how lawyers intend to share blame with Youtube Yet, it’s the end user who made the mistake for falling for the scam. American culture blame somebody else for ones stupidity.
BTW Bitconnect Twitter hasn’t had any action since January 2018. Price action is dead and delisting has already happened. #btfd Be vigilant don’t be desperate aka stupid


So if I steal from your store, you’re the one to blame because you was stupid enough to not notice?

Not saying I agree with adding YT, just that I don’t agree with that statement… The laws are generally there to protect the weak (or in this case “stupid”)… I don’t believe in anarchy.


that feels like over simplification or misunderstanding


No, I’m just stating that the law is still the law, even if you were being stupid.


your feelings are hurt bc you lack depth & you lack breadth its not bc i called you stupid. Look at your initial reply and focus on one word at a time. Take your time bud


Why would I feel hurt?

I didn’t get scammed by Bitconnect and I’m not American


Lets start with you’re my new favorite troll. Please don’t quit on me & try to keep up


So I’m a troll because I have a different opinion than yours?

Sure you’re not the one who’s hurt? :stuck_out_tongue:


Blaming others is not American culture, it’s the disease known as liberalism. It can infect anyone.


trolls are those who jus seek attention without substance or value


its a concept thats rich in America so its a American problem some other countries share the same issue but Bitconnect lawsuits are in America so lets reign it in


I just gave my opinion… If you want to discus it, we can.

I don’t care to discus what a troll is and I wont waste more time on it.