BitConnect - The Aftermath - What will the Future Hold? [BitConnect X?]



Youtube should be included in the lawsuit thats my position you said NO why bc Youtube is a store and if you steal something its the stores fault. gtfo with that nonsense …



This implied to me that you think it’s dumb to include YT because the end users are to blame.

I didn’t take a stance on whether it’s right or wrong to include YT. I disagreed with what it seemed you implied. If the end users are to blame, there should be no lawsuits at all…

YT should be held somewhat responsible for the content on their site. But if they lose, I could see them just removing/banning a lot of content because it would be a lot easier for them to just ban a subject than having to check every video properly… So I dunno where I stand on it…

But since you’d rather act “cool” and post gifs I’m out.