BiteSizeMining Live discussion with BitsBeTrippin



Hey everyone! I just wanted to announce that a live discussion with the BitsBeTrippin folks has been scheduled on December 22 at 8pm (EST).

I will be streaming live from the BiteSizeMining Youtube Channel.

Please subscribe and tune in.


Just wanted to update everyone on the live stream discussion with BitsBeTrippin’.

The stream is still happening this Friday at 8pm. I’ll be streaming from the mining office. Please subscribe to BiteSizeMining YouTube Channel so you don’t miss when I go live.

Really looking forward to discussing with BBT what the future of cryptocurrency mining looks like. I hope you can all join me.



This is sweet! I’ll make sure to tweet it!


Live Stream time changed to 9pm (EST)


Live stream is up! Please just me on BiteSizeMining


miss the stream, will watch it now :hulksmash:


Niceee! Check out his latest setup…


Finally doing more! YooooOooo