Bitfinex user interface problems (ie: history, balances)


I have always had problems using Bitfinex, here are some problems:

  1. For many months, when you hover on the top “trading” “funding” “OTC” area had dropdown menus before, now those dropdowns, nor do any Bitfinex dropdown menu’s work anymore.

recently new problems:

  1. Trading history, unable to list trade history by date. Messed with the tiny history menu arrows and it makes no effect when clicking them.

  2. Balance on left side, before would show the entire list, full viewable, now there is a scrolling that is painfully annoying AND it cant even fit all my numbers/data in, it doesnt fit, from left to right, so some numbers are half cut, or fully cut off on the far right side of balances


Hard to get Bitfinex support, anyone have these issues? or heard if they’re fixing?