Bitfury B8 limited stock for sale - 13 units, Dec 2017

A new arrival of Bitfury B8 50 Th/s miners available for sale with Datacenter placement in Russia, Moscow.

Stock: 13 units
Price per unit: 1.5 BTC
Delivery: 18.12.2017

The units will be placed in a datacenter with everything included for $35 per month (6U datacenter space + security + cooling).

Electricity price is fixed in Rubles: 3.17 Rub, the current USD amount is 0.054 US Dollar per KW.

It maybe possible to arrange delivery to another country but it may prove to be costly / difficult.


send private messages please to book

Only 100% prepayment is accepted.

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Have any in stock?
Ready to buy

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hi Rockport,
Do you still has one? how much is the price per unit? is it still one btc?

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Sorry to put my alarm bells on full red alert but:

  1. The equipment will be permanently located in a foreign country that’s not on our “special friends” (loosely phrased) trading list;
  2. How are you going to get your earnings or BTC out of that country after it’s been mined;
  3. Full prepayment is demanded (what’s $25K between friends anyway?); and,
  4. Does anyone know this poster? I haven’t seen anyone vouch for him nor is he/ she well known to our group.

Buyer beware!!!

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This does seem a bit fishy guys. Be careful out there!

Hello! We are legitimate buyers and we operate from the UK-based company that is in business from 2009. We are new to this forum but not to the industry. We are ready to discuss the sale in more detail with anyone interested and provide all the proof required.

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Still seems fishy as we can purchase one here and actually have the unit for half the price.

What is this UK companies name?

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Well, at the moment of posting 1 BTC was half of the current price. The nam e of company is AQUA Networks Limited

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How does BTC mining fit in with the companies model? I see that your icon represents the “cluster engine” group of AQUA Networks but that group is just about DB management, MY SQL and some others no mention about Bitcoin or the miners.

Lastly as your competitors are not pricing in BTC I would expect you to compete with them so if they are selling it for half of what you are selling it for why wouldn’t your price drop.

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First of all, to me, as I am Russian. it all sounds fishy AF.

There are some regulations to be made regarding the cryptocurrencies and the mining operations in Russia. Our government is thinking about licensing the mining farms and therefore taxing them accordingly. Until then, all crypto business could not operate in Russia (except, maybe a couple of blockchain startups that are under the hood of Skolkovo (Government-funded innovation agency)).

Second, I don’t think that this business would be sustainable. In 2016 some German firm installed the BTMs in a couple of key Russian cities (I believe it was Saint-Petersburg and Moscow). They were all taken down by our law enforcers without further notice. And we don’t have any BTMs ever since.

Third, Moscow is not the place where I would put up the mining farm as the prices of electricity are not cheap there. Again, our G-men are planning to build special zones somewhere in Siberia specially for foreign crypto-mining businesses. As the prices of electricity and cool area would be much more suitable for such a business.

So… It’s your money, guys. Do whatever… But be careful Investing in some business.

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What is an actual market price for Bitfury B8? I’ve found one reseller with 7400 USD price (ex. VAT)
Can it be real?
Here is a link -

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All im seeing is the Bitfury B8 black edition 55TH/s $8,470 im mining myself once i have reached enough Bitcoin im going to invest in 20 Bitfury B8 black edition 55TH/s should have 1.1PH/s eventually 300 Bitfury B8 black edition 55TH/s x 16.5PH/s Hashpower

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