Bitmain 6th April X3 ASIC SCAM ? What do you think?


Hey Guys
Just want to here what you think .
I have been thinking for a while , and a lot of people have been flaming me about my opinion on BITMAIN (I Hate them)
I have been saying I don’t like the idea of sending them money 3 months in advance , so that they can build your “New Toaster” and mine with themselves , and when its not profitable for them , then they sell you a USED “New Toaster” . They exploit there customers any way they can , and people don’t care about that.
People have been saying to me , oooooh but you are wrong , they have to build so many devices , and that takes time.
JA right, we are talking about a Huge Company , and the internals of a asic miner are about as complicated as your alarm clock , Its called Mass production , and the Chinese of all nations, know how to do that better then anyone else on our planet.
What im trying to get at is , Monero hardforked a few days ago to get rid of the ASIC miners , and if there where no X3 ASIC`s out there (Because the first miners should be sold in MAY) then there should be no drop in network difficulty, But it did drop ,A Lot .
So it looks alot like they have been mining with YOUR ASIC that YOU paid in full with your hard earned money.
Some food for thought
So what do you Guys think ??

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Either they already have an ASIC for the fork or not everyone has moved over.


Ok there might be a short drop for a short time until everyone changes there software over .


They are testing your miner for 30 days to make sure it works as it should when it arrives. Who else takes that amount of time to make sure their product works as it should before being shipped. Plus they benchmark it so u know if it says 13.5 vs 14 TH/s its true. What nice people…


The best explanation i have ever heard :joy::joy: LMFAO Well done


Much nice people! Such considerate! :doge: