Bitmain A3 Miner on sale again

I received this email from Bitmain but to me it just sounds like they are now desperate to get rid of these miners real quick…

Dear user,

After receiving an increasing number of requests from buyers worldwide, we have decided to introduce the following changes in the current batch of the Antminer A3 Blake(2b) miner:

1. In addition to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payments, USD wire transfers are now accepted as payment for this batch.

2. The limit of 1 miner per user has been increased to 3 miners per user.

3. You can now also order the Antminer A3 if the shipping address is in Hong Kong.

We look forward to continuing making it easier for all to purchase Bitmain products.


The Bitmain team

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Are these still a worthy investment do you think? I read some talk about them bricking them…

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Bitmain also just released what they are calling the V9 miners but it seems they are just refurbished old miners that they are wanting to resell. It seems they might be moving their mining operations out of China.
I would probably not suggest buying the miners till you do your own calculations as to if they will be profitable for your needs at your location. Everyone will be different.

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