Bitmain Z9 is an FPGA. Programmable?


I though this should have its own topic. Well I have been watching the videos and one person has disassembled their Z9. Turns out some components are stamped xilinex and when they looked at the files some were listed as FPGA. They believe the Z9 is actually an FPGA and not an ASCI. If this is true the question is can it be programmed for other algorithms. Has anyone else looked at this. If it is programmable then $850 would be an incredible price for an FPGA considering one card alone is about $4k.


shhhh! the price went down, don’t let bitmain know that we know!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like it’s true, but will it be locked down? It has a SDcard slot, possibly for flashing? Hmmmm.


You have my interest @seikin @nra4ever


Very interesting indeed. This is the normal, expected evolution of mining. CPU, GPU, FPGA, ASIC. It should not come as a surprise to anyone if Bitmain is using FPGA’s to bridge the gap. We should expect Bitmain to be using the FPGA as a security measure in case forking occurs.


I don’t believe bitmain has our best interests in mind. Once the units are sold they don’t care if there is a fork. They will just sell us newer units. I’m sure bitmain could easily reprogram them but why would they for us. They sell hardware not software. Now if the patch only worked for a particular unit then they may want to make a few easy extra $$$$. I guess once people with the know how look into this further we will know more. I bet bitmain will raise the price if the community figures out how to program them.