Bitnative - Let's Adopt Crypto - DCTV Thread



We’re growing my friends… I shall post a video in a bit…
Welcome @Bitnative to the experiment of a lifetime!


BIT-NAY-TIVE in the house!


Excellent video! Can’t wait for the next one. Thumbs up. :+1: :+1:


Well done sir, excited for more!


The sipping of the big gulp was.a nice touch.

I say keep that going but change up the item.
Next video maybe just finished off a burger or a bag of chips.
Just tossing thoughts around.


Nice !! very informative and interesting


Great start! Welcome aboard. Can wait to see more.


Thanks, I’m already on it.


Awesome @Bitnative I love your attitude and style. Can’t wait to see more of yours brotha!


Thank you, my goal is to be informative. One of the most non-exciting things in Crypto is learning it. Unfortunately, one of the first hard lessons most people learn in Crypto is that you have to “Do your research”. So, I am extremely happy to have all of you help me to understand this great new industry!


Well done Wendell @Bitnative great start!