Bitnative - Let's Adopt Crypto - DCTV Thread



Well done sir, excited for more!


The sipping of the big gulp was.a nice touch.

I say keep that going but change up the item.
Next video maybe just finished off a burger or a bag of chips.
Just tossing thoughts around.


Nice !! very informative and interesting


Great start! Welcome aboard. Can wait to see more.


Thanks, I’m already on it.


Awesome @Bitnative I love your attitude and style. Can’t wait to see more of yours brotha!


Thank you, my goal is to be informative. One of the most non-exciting things in Crypto is learning it. Unfortunately, one of the first hard lessons most people learn in Crypto is that you have to “Do your research”. So, I am extremely happy to have all of you help me to understand this great new industry!


Well done Wendell @Bitnative great start!





Love the picture behind you. And the subs are cool. Thanks for bringing attention to phones. Still trying to decide when to part with my Samsung Note 4. Maybe my next Samsung will have preloaded on it.


So true, got to be quick with the phone releases or you’re just left in the dust.


Thanks. I tell the story of the background posters in the next video.



I saw. Past and future. I like it.


Unfortunately I think the government is going to be slower than usual here. Especially since the unconstitutional IRS has no real incentive to give out actual guide lines. The more vague it is the more power they wield in being able to say your breaking the law for any number of bullshit reasons.


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