Bits and Hash is now OPEN


Hi guys,

I just opened my Bitcoin t-shirt store a few weeks ago and would love if you can show your support and share the store with your friends, buy stuff and leave a comment. Feedback is always appreciated.

I have created an exclusive offer only for the Crypto Nation. Use promo code: Bitcoinpub at checkout.


Thanks guys
Visti my store


Look nice. Good luck my friend.
Send some stuff to Peter for giveaways, stream back, best advertising you can get!


Solid stuff. I think the product names are clever use of the mixing of play on words and various crypto-lingo that only those in the know, will know.

Don’t get paid until toward the end of the month but I will pick up a T or two


Hi guys,

We have updated our WEBSITE, the new release has the ability to:

  • Choose your currency
  • Order tracking from the site
  • Improved user interface
  • Improved search functionality
  • Improved menu structure

Please visit the site

Thanks for your support and feedback.


Excellent shit. I love it!