BitsBeTrippen Mining Resource Link

Guys here is a nice resource list that I think many of you beginners and vet’s for that matter might enjoy.

I have to plug the BBT multi-miner as I love it. It just brings up a menu and you select the coin you want to mine. This is of course after you edit the config file. You will need to download Note++ to edit it and put in your wallet address worker name etc. But once that is complete for any coin you have put in an address in you can just switch it up from one file.

If you have any questions let me know.


I sent him an email about doing a video together. He responded he would look into it. Even mentioned that @peter is a certified scrum trainer.


Cool yeh you guys are all really busy. Heck I have been spending at least 4 hours a night on here and on their discord helping troubleshoot rigs lol. The whole crypto community is growing crazy. I think he has 3-4 guys that help him keep up with it all not sure how you @peter and @john are doing it.


Well I’ll say this…

I right clicked on the .bat file from that multiminer (slight rise in voice pitch and eyebrows)…and rolled back in my office chair laughing hysterically!!! I mean like straight up loud belly laughing and pointing…a laugh that devolved and melted into wimpers and sobs…

The wife actually checked on me. I told her I was going to go pull the neighbors hair out. She asked why? I said, “CUZ I’M OUT OF HAIR…THAT’S WHY!”



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