BitShares BTS How to move to my Ledger Nano S

I have some BitShares BTS ERC-20 tokens in my Bittrex wallet and I want to move them to my Ledger Nano S wallet. I have had a hard time trying to figure out how to move them over to myEthereum wallet via the Nano S. Do you know of any good videos or have any clear instruction on how to do this?

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Thanks for the video link I am still running into a problem I guess it is that my ledger does not have any ETH to use as gas. Could that be the problem? you need ETH to burn to make the transfer correct?

My ledger is new and empty.

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Thanks for the video link, but is BTS an ERC-20 Token?

What is the contract address for BTS?

I Cannot find on etherscan, all I see is BTS2

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No it is not I thought that I could but nope.
Had to download bitshares GUI but I ran into a problem and could not find an address or figure out how to send BTS.

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I did finally send .2 ETH to my Ledger to see if that was the problem and that it would use it as GAS for the transaction. I sent over a few coins and it paid the fee in the tokens that I was moving over to the Ledger Nano S. The ETH stayed at .2 ETH.

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the best thing to use is with your ledger and erc20 tokens is to use

it is easy, and you need eth to send thing out, but it sounds like you already loaded some eth

if you need help let me know.

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I just figured it out. To move your BTS off of Bittrex there a couple of options:

  1. If you have a Poloniex account, you can move over to a BTS wallet on Poloniex exchange.

    a) Go to the “DEPOSITS & WITHDRAWALS” menu
    b) Look for BTS coin and select “Deposit” link on the right. A popup will show up copy the code in the “Your BitShares Memo” window. Also get the Poloniex BTS address from the “Deposit” popup “Poloniex’s BitShares deposit address”. Should just be the words "poloniexwallet"
    c) Then go to your BITTREX account and select wallets from the menu.
    d) Select the minus sign “-” and then paste the copied Memo code into the memo field and the address “poloniexwallet” in the the address field
    e) then withdraw enter 2FA . code . if you got that set up. (If you don’t have 2FA you really need to enable, Authy is better than google)

  2. You can also move to an Openledger wallet.

Hope this helps

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When I moved my 500 BTS to poloniex from Bittrex…Bittrex subtracted 5 BTS to move and deposited 495 BTS into my Poliniex Wallet. No ETH needed

Also of note:
if you have ever accomplished a wire transfer you have to enter a routing number and an account number.

I think of the address “poloniexwallet” as the routing number and the Memo field as my Account number on Poloniex

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Yes, I need help I have been having a problem connecting to my Ledger lately. I thought that since I had the Brave browser as default it was not allowing me to use the Chrome app for Ledger. I made Chrome default and tried to connect the Ledger Nano S. I have now tried to open up the Chrome App Ledger Ethereum wallet and then plug in the Ledger, nope mostly a gray screen and askes me to plug in Ledger and use PIN Number. Then tried to connect the Ledger and pin first and then open the app to connect but same message plug in your Ledger. I am not sure at this point if I need to uninstall/reinstall the apps or just use another computer. My Trezer works fine on this computer.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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hi, did you install the ether app onto your nano via the ledger manager yet?

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What? No, I did not know that I had to install anything to the Ledger nano s. I thought that I only had to install the app on Chrome.

When I first got it I had updated the Ledger it is Version 1.1.5

How do you install the ether app onto my nano?

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download this
hook it up the same way - load the app, plug in the nano, do the password, on ledger manager choose to install ether, remember on the ledger it will ask you to approve the installation of the app so you will have to push the button the nano to approve the install.
After you do all that, then you can use the ether wallet.
When you load the ether wallet, on the nano itself you have to choose the ether icon and push the buttons at the same time to select it. At this point the wallet will open.
If you want to store almost any alt coin on it let me know, because that it just for ether.

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Thanks for the very useful tutorial on how to transfer bts and other tokens using the nano! Ordering one today !! :wink:

Hardware security keys

Security key is a small device that connects to your computer via a USB port and works with FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F). You will be asked to insert and press the key instead of typing in a code.
*Currently, security key is supported by Google Chrome and Opera.
*A list of security keys that have been tested

Create a coin using ERC20 token with ether then list it on the openledger, stake your bitshares using your new coin that is now in your hardware wallet… I will follow up with a complete tutorial on here.