Bitwise Report - Only 10 Exchanges Have ACTUAL VOLUME!


Wow. What a blast. Read the whole PDF here:

But here are the main points:

  • Coinmarketcap website once again is clearly NOT the answer to what the market is doing…

  • If Coinmarketcap data is wrong… what is the solution?
  • We believe it’s full transparency of all coins

  • “Real exchanges” look… well. Real.

  • Calling out that CoinBene… but is it real?
  • The answer is no.

  • THEY FAKE VOLUME TO MAKE MONEY ON LISTING FEES AND mainstream media coverage! Duh.

  • Here are the REAL exchanges.
  • The report goes onto explain how this isn’t really all bad news. They claim that when you remove the “fake” volume, the actual spot volume percentage matches well with what we see in the gold markets, and is only a bit higher than what we see for the crypto futures market. The point Bitwise is trying to make to the SEC is that despite everything, the crypto market is still incredibly healthy.

Thank you so much to Bitwise for helping us make informed decisions!

One of the decisions were pondering is which priority to load exchanges into
I think we know which 10 we’ll be focusing on for now…

The question is… which next?

  • Coinbase - CHECK
  • Binance - CHECK
  • NEXT???

Let me know below!


yes, would love to hear what folks think should be next… we do also have a survey floating around somewhere too…


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