Blockchain and the environment

Another brilliant video from Future Thinkers. I believe this is a more concise version of one of their earlier podcasts. Much more accessible for those unfamiliar with blockchain and very social media friendly (Share share share!). What does the cryptonation think about these kind of technology? Would you be more inclined to shop somewhere that utilized blockchain and smart contracts to track food and products? Would you be encouraged to recycle more if you got crypto in return? Would you be more inclined to use a company/vote for a political group if you could track their environmental footprint with greater trust?

Throwing it out there! Let’s talk.


Still legit to talk about. Sad @Gabypon has been away for a long while… :saitama:

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I would - but then again I drive a Diesel Jag. A lot of people consider the price of crypto security (PoW) as a bad thing for the environment so I imagine some people will be a bit torn if they can track their local council funds but it uses PoW to it.

There are a LOT of ways crypto can be used to make things more transparent and give accountability to citizens where it’s sorely lacking at the moment.


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