Blockchain Connect Conference, the First Cross-Border Event Between U.S. and Chinese Blockchain Markets, is to Set the Future of Blockchain

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The Blockchain Connect Conference, set to attract blockchain professionals and enthusiasts from around the globe in January 2018, will be the largest team-up to join together two powerhouses in the fast-moving blockchain space: China and the U.S.

Blockchain Connect Conference will arrive in San Francisco on January 26, 2018. The theme of this conference is “The Evolution of Blockchain Technology in the United States and China”.

This conference will attract more than 1,000 blockchain practitioners worldwide. Well-known blockchain scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, developers and industry stakeholders from China, Japan, Singapore, and the U.S. will come to discuss the technological innovations, market dynamics, and development direction in the blockchain industry.

SV Insight, a top-tier tech media company bridging the gap between the U.S. and China, will be hosting the conference. Co-organizers include Draper Dragon, DHVC, ConSensys, Bodhi, and BeeChat.

More than 30 blockchain experts will speak at the conference, including Tim Draper, a legendary Silicon Valley investor who invested in companies such as Skype, Tesla, and SpaceX; Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin; Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, the world’s top five digital assets; Kathryn Haun, member of the board of directors of Coinbase; Joseph Poon, co-author of the Lightning Network White Paper and Plasma, and other blockchain experts.

An intensive and engaging full day of keynotes, panel sessions and market spotlights will include:

Secrets of Exchanges: Who Are Buying Tokens and What Are They Buying?
Decoding Blockchain in Health Care: Hopes and Hypes
How to Promote the Adoption of Public Blockchain in China?
Consensus Protocols: Will 2018 be the Year of PoS?
New Crypto Trends: Race to the Frontline of Blockchain Technology
VC vs. ICO Funds: Token Valuation and Exit Strategy
“Because China and the U.S. are both powerhouses in blockchain, it is critical to understand the Chinese perspective to capture where Blockchain is headed,” says Paul Li, CEO of SV Insight.

The conference aims to set up a platform to exchange and cooperate openly and professionally for all participants, providing an excellent opportunity for all investors, project partners, infrastructure providers, and professionals to connect with each other.

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