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Blockchain Dev Jobs is a simple jobs aggregator focusing on listing for blockchain-related careers.

Whether you’d like to work on Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCash, Monero or Litecoin, we’ll do our best to scour the web and look for the latest employment opportunities for you to get the job you want.


Hmmm I think I need to learn more than python for this :weary:


You know man…because its so new…they may still work with you and many out there arent really involved or aware of blockchain in general.

You have nothing to lose man…if youve invested in BTC, or crypto in general, clearly you have a risk taking streak in you.


Well said! Yep got me plenty of Crypto!


Great video… Invest in yourself :wink:


You have a Python background too?

Python is awesome and very powerful!


It is awesome/powerful. Yes i have been grinding out Python for a bit now. I wouldnt call myself a guru but i am getting there. Its a vital language for what i do so i need to be good at it.


Python rocks for this industry, it is easy to learn and a very mature language. I came from a JavaScript background, so I had a hackish way of doing things at first. But I learned Python and maintained ES6 disciplines and that made me a much better developer going forward.


Modules are a gift from the gods…the language is easy to read and im having a blast creating attack tools and testing them out on my Virtual Machines.