Blockchain Events in November 2018


Blockchain Events in November 2018

We compiled a list of notable blockchain events and conferences happening in November. To find more blockchain and cryptocurrency events worldwide check out our website and social pages.


# Malta Blockchain Summit

Description: The summit will cover four conferences on the most pressing issues facing blockchain technologies, and is expected to attract no less than 4000 delegates, 100 speakers and 150 sponsors and exhibitors from prominent players in the emerging blockchain and DLT sector.

Date: November 1–2, 2018
Location: Malta

# Distributed: Health 2018

Description: The first conference of its kind, developed to bridge the gap between blockchain technologists and the healthcare industry. Now in its third year, this event presents an opportunity for decision-makers and disruptors to reimagine processes and reshape the future of healthcare across the U.S.

Date: November 5–6, 2018
Location: Nashville, TN, USA

# Web Summit 2018

Description: Web Summit has become “Europe’s largest and most important technology marketplace”. An unrivalled global meeting place for the world’s most disruptive technology companies and those interested in how that disruption can transform their businesses and their lives.

Date: November 5–8, 2018
Location: Lisbon, Portugal

# Blockchain: Money Conference

Description: Carefully curated event to teach you about next-level, actionable innovation and technology you can utilize the very next day. The conference will be covering a wide array of topics, such as blockchain, Bitcoin, investing, regulation, startups, the Internet of Things, growth hacking, and more.

Date: November 6–7, 2018
Location: London, UK

# Blockchain Summit — Crypto Valley

Description: The 3rd edition of the Blockchain Summit — Crypto Valley, a full day conference filled with panels and keynotes and fireside chats focused on the intersection of enterprise and startup approaches to building new things with distributed ledger technology.

Date: November 7, 2018
Location: Zug, Switzerland

# Blockchain Life 2018

Description: The forum brings together major investors, entrepreneurs, owners of ICO projects and all those who are interested in earning and investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. A characteristic feature of the event is the complete absence of promotional reports. All presentations are of a practical nature and are aimed at telling the participant how to make money on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Date: November 7–8, 2018
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia

# World Blockchain Summit Amsterdam

Description: World Blockchain Summit Amsterdam edition will gather global blockchain entrepreneurs, experts and solution providers under one roof, to expose the regional blockchain market within Netherlands, as well as the European continent in its entirety, to the world!

Date: November 9, 2018
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

# Blockchain Summit 2018 — Dubai

Description: This Summit brings together Blockchain technologists in the finance sector, regulators, industry commentators, computer science researchers and others involved in innovation; these experts explore some of the technology and the many applications of Blockchain.

Date: November 12, 2018
Location: Dubai, UAE

# Decentralized — Blockchain Conference

Description: This world-class summit will feature 70+ speakers and 1,200+ attendees from over 50 countries, exchanging knowledge and ideas on the innovative business and political implications of blockchain technologies.

Date: November 14–16, 2018
Location: Athens, Greece

# BlockchainFiesta

Description: BlockchainFiesta is the first of its kind blockchain conference in Poland. Speakers from some of the most exciting blockchain projects will come to Kraków to share their knowledge and stories, providing exceptional insight into the ever-larger growing crypto ecosystem.

Date: November 16, 2018
Location: Kraków, Poland

# CryptoFinance 2018

Description: CryptoFinance is an annual event that merges the traditional world of finance with companies focusing on exponential technologies that are built on the Blockchain. The conference will provide guests and speakers an opportunity to communicate with one another efficiently and expand their professional network on an international level.

Date: November 16–17, 2018
Location: Oslo, Norway

# Blockchain Technology Conference

Description: The Blockchain Technology Conference gives you deep insights into a world augmented by distributed ledger technology; it features in-depth sessions and workshops on principles, programming techniques and real-world applications.

Date: November 19–21, 2018
Location: Berlin, Germany

# Blockchain Conference Moscow

Description: Key Russian event in the blockchain and crypto industry is bringing together major Russian and foreign experts for the eight time.
The conference will be dedicated to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and new type of investment — ICO.

Date: November 20, 2018
Location: Moscow, Russia

# Blockchain Venture Summit

Description: Webrazzi & Bitrazzi introduced an exciting new conference; the Blockchain Venture Summit, in Istanbul on March 2018. Now in London, at the Blockchain Venture Summit, other than connecting investors and entrepreneurs, guests will discuss the future of blockchain technology, as well as the current situation of the cryptocurrency markets.

Date: November 21, 2018
Location: London, UK

# Blockchain Leadership Summit

Description: Find out how to increase profit and optimise costs in your business by properly applying blockchain technology. Learn from the real cases by industry leaders in real sector of economics.

Date: November 23–24, 2018
Location: Basel, Switzerland

# Beyond Blocks Summit Bangkok

Description: Summit Bangkok will bring together blockchain enthusiasts from around the world to congregate in meetups, exhibitions and the Beyond Blocks Summit Bangkok, the highlighted event conference. Meet the biggest movers and shakers in the industry face-to-face, and be part of the movement to drive the blockchain community forward in Asia.

Date: November 26–27, 2018
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

# Blockchain Expo North America 2018

Description: The World’s largest Blockchain Conference and Exhibition focuses on the future of enterprise technology. Two days of top-level content from leading brands, embracing and developing cutting edge blockchain technologies.

Date: November 28–29, 2018
Location: Santa Clara, CA, USA

# CoinGeek Week Conference

Description: In November 2018, the true pioneers of cryptocurrency and blockchain will be converging at CoinGeek Week Conference, allowing them to share their knowledge, experiences and discuss the unique advantages of how cryptocurrency and the blockchain will help your businesses add an extra revenue generating machine.

Date: November 28–30, 2018
Location: London, UK

# European Blockchain Convention

Description: Join the leading European Blockchain Convention and meet 500+ industry leaders, regulators, politicians, investors, developers, CTOs, lawyers and entrepreneurs building the foundation of the Blockchain and the Digital Economy. The convention will give you more than 5 hours of potential networking opportunities.

Date: November 29, 2018
Location: Barcelona, Spain

# MJAC CryptoCompare Blockchain Summit

Description: If you are looking to find out more about blockchain technology or digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum then this London summit is a must attend event. Alongside an exhibition with 50+ companies that are making waves in the blockchain industry, the event will examine all aspects of the blockchain industry.

Date: November 30, 2018
Location: London, UK