Blockchain Events in September 2018 - Part 2


We compiled a list of notable blockchain events and conferences happening in September 2018.
You can find 2nd part here:


Blockchain Events in September 2018 — Part 2

We compiled a list of notable blockchain events and conferences happening in September. To find more blockchain and cryptocurrency events worldwide check out our website and social pages.


This article is the 2nd part , which contains blockchain events happening in second half of September. To see more events, check out the 1st part here:

# Block Seoul

Description: With a focus on how disruptive technology can be used to connect us while accelerating impactful projects in the space, Block Seoul aims to create a unique and powerful opportunity, offering access to a level of engagement that is rarely experienced in the industry.

Date: September 16–19, 2018
Location: Seoul, South Korea

# Blockchain Practitioner Conference

Description: The summit will gather blockchain elite across the globe, including blockchain industrial associations, institutes, fintech companies, blockchain technology innovators, blockchain application startups, corporate blockchain R&D teams, consulting firms and companies of the digital economy industrial chain from more than 20 countries.

Date: September 18, 2018
Location: Shanghai, China

# Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv

Description: A unique conference designed to answer such questions as: what blockchain is, why it is needed and why Ukraine stands a good chance of becoming ideological center of the global blockchain and bitcoin community.

Date: September 19, 2018
Location: Kiev, Ukraine

# World Ethical Data Forum

Description: The WDF is a world-leading platform for discussion of the ethics and development of decentralised technologies. Held at the World Trade Centre in the city of Barcelona and including headline and keynote talks, presentations, workshops, networking lunches, drinks and parties based around the conference site, the WDF brings together experts, enthusiasts and investors from around the world.

Date: September 19–20, 2018
Location: Barcelona, Spain

# CoinAlts Fund Symposium

Description: A one-day event designed to bring together the thought leaders in the cryptocurrency investment space to discuss the investment, legal and operational issues for cryptocurrencies as a new asset class.

Date: September 20, 2018
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

# Tech in Asia Tokyo

Description: Tech in Asia Tokyo 2018 helps your business stay ahead of the curve by uncovering the latest trends and building connections with industry leaders and passionate individuals in the tech community.

Date: September 20–21, 2018
Location: Tokyo, Japan

# Blockchain In Oil & Gas

Description: Two days of top-level content from leading oil and gas companies embracing and developing cutting edge blockchain technologies.

Date: September 20–21, 2018
Location: Houston, TX, USA

# TokenMatch: Singapore

Description: At Tokenmatch, an elite group of ICO teams present to small groups of investors that have the capacity and mandate to deploy capital. Investors come by invitation only and ICO teams are preselected through a rigorous process. The small room is the ideal setting to interact, provide and receive feedback, negotiate deals in one day.

Date: September 21, 2018
Location: Singapore

# World Digital Mining Summit 2018

Description: The World Digital Mining Summit will be 2018’s most exciting industry gathering in the digital mining world. This 3-day learning summit will feature 30+ speakers, 50+ mining companies, and 1000+ attendees: miners, mining machine manufacturers, mining pools and hashrate owners.

Date: September 21–23, 2018
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

# Blockchain Innovation & Investment Summit

Description: This business driven event attracts over 1200 delegates globally and remains the only blockchain event in the Middle East which focuses on case-study based presentations in ongoing and upcoming blockchain based projects.

Date: September 24, 2018
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

# CryptoBlockCon London

Description: This conference will have talks about the future benefits of blockchain and crypto assets, and showcase companies who are using this technology to disrupt industries and continuously innovate.

Date: September 24–25, 2018
Location: London, United Kingdom

# International Blockchain Summit

Description: Dedicated to all the aspects of blockchain implementation: learn about the opportunities and advantages of the new technology, cybersecurity, sharing economy and state regulation of the new type of assets.

Date: September 25, 2018
Location: Moscow, Russia

# Blockchain Game Summit

Description: Join hundreds of blockchain gaming professionals, innovators, service providers and industry experts at this year’s most anticipated event: The Blockchain Game Summit.

Date: September 25–26, 2018
Location: Lyon, France

# Blockchain Live

Description: Bringing together the biggest blockchain innovators and investors with UK industry leaders, tech pioneers and blockchain newcomers.

Date: September 26, 2018
Location: London, United Kingdom

# Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Baku

Description: The first Baku-based conference in the international series of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conferences. State regulation of crypto market, blockchain for business, investment possibilities of emerging technologies.

Date: September 27, 2018
Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

# Teamz Blockchain Summit

Description: The summit connects trusted investors, blockchain projects, exchanges, media, and influencers in all sectors to contribute to the emerging global blockchain ecosystem. With the aim of closing deals, creating business alliances and network expansion, over 2000 participants from more than 50 countries will attend the event.

Date: September 28–29, 2018
Location: Tokyo, Japan

# Asset Backed Crypto Summit

Description: The ABC Summit is an event dedicated to blockchain and cryptographic solutions that are captivating the interest of individuals, businesses and governments worldwide.

Date: September 28–29, 2018
Location: Lisbon, Portugal


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